Kitties and Trolls

First up: some Alliance content so my friends in Crits will remember who I am and not feel abandoned.

The last patch brought with it a nice change to the old Winterspring Frostsaber grind. It is now 20 days of daily quests, very similar to the Venomhide Raptor questline the Horde have in Un’Goro. I never could bring myself to suffer through the old grind, but this …

Here we have Kerick and his cub turning in the final quest.

And Kerick with his new ride.

And of course, you know Karius had to get one too. He’s the one with over 80 mounts, after all. One of these days I should probably make a serious effort to get him to 100.

Ok, now on to the Horde news. Anyone recognize this troll that showed up in SR last night?

I wish I could have gotten a better screenshot, but you’ll have to take my word for it … the murloc helm that looks so stupid on a worgen? Looks TOTALLY BADASS on a troll, mon.

As far as Van’s gearing up session went, we started out in VP. The helm dropped in there. Yeah, it has no spirit but so what. At this point I’m replacing greens and 333 blues, so any 346 plate with intellect is probably going to be an upgrade.

That got me revered with Earthen Ring, so I ran out to Vashj’ir and bought the sweet plate chest (spirit and haste baby). While I was there I also purchased the cloak. I will replace it with another 346 when I can get one with spirit but for now .. the extra intellect is worth trading in the 333 for.

Next we swapped out a toon and got ToT … with three melee? You guys hate me, don’t you. We survived through it though, and I picked up the spirit trinket and the sexy Whitefin Axe for my dps needs.

THEN Adoe joined the guild, and of course, we got him right into the group. So we have Adoe, Arv’s shaman, and Cayle, with Zarm tanking on his warrior. We get HoO. I haven’t even been here on regular … not that it matters. I know the place. I know Cayle will tank a lot of floor. Adoe pulls out some ridiculous number like 21k dps on … whatever the Alpha/Omega dude is. Setesh drops the mace! Yes!! Kerick never did see it drop, he used the Blade of the Burning Sun until the troll dungeons came out. I also got a ring off Ammunae. Oh yeah, and pants off Rajh. They *kind of* suck compared to ones I could buy with JPs, because they have no gem slots. BUT, compared to greens, they are awesome.

We do some gemming and enchanting and decide to run just one more. We somehow convince Lyssi to join us, and she says she’s dropping if we get Stonecore. We got Stonecore. lol. I don’t think anyone even died though … not even Cayle. Well, maybe he did once. I don’t remember for sure. Ozruk dropped the belt.

At this point I am sitting at one green, one 316 blue, one 325 blue, and two 333 blues. The rest has all been upgraded to 346 blues (plus the Shield of Arvash Awesomeness). The green is the infamous Bracers of the Dark Pyramid. Kerick wore those to raid in while running GB and Deadmines over and over to get blue bracers.  The 316 blue is the non-heroic relic Captured Lightning. I should probably talk a scribe into making me one to get me by until I have 700 VP … although I’m more than halfway there already, and that will be my first purchase. The 325 blue was the nicely itemized gloves from the end of the Ramkahen questline … but I spent my JPs on 346 gloves to replace them. The 333s are shoulders and boots. Now, Kerick wore those boots a LONG time .. until Omnomnom dropped some. So I’m not worried about the boots. The shoulders … I need to look those up. I know there are better ones. Well, the ones he wants are in Throne of Tides, so … I guess I’ll be going back there.

Basically, he is as geared as Kerick was when he began raiding. So .. I’m calling him ready. He needs 2 points of iLevel to get into troll instances. Cayle has been chomping at the bit to get him in there (I guess he REALLY wants to dps raids instead of healing), so I’m pretty sure we’ll get in there tomorrow. By Tuesday, he will *definitely* be ready to raid.


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5 Responses to “Kitties and Trolls”

  1. koalabear21 Says:

    I told you guys I would drop.

    Grats on the lewts! 🙂

  2. Analogue Says:

    Paladins do really well with “light” gear, I think. Not sure why. Whereas druids scale really well the more they get.

  3. slice Says:

    Agreed Ana. Paladins can hit the flor running and healing in non optimal gear, while druids, and disc priests need to gear to be most effective.

  4. Troutwort Says:

    Agreed Analogue, paladins can rollface. That’s why there are so many of them.

  5. Gromdred Says:

    Once yet again… GRATS!!!

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