Two Down

I like in-game holidays. One must look no further than the four Violet Proto-Drakes amongst my collection of achievements to get proof of this. So it should come as no surprise that Vanicus, being basically my ‘main’ Hordie despite that fact that he is still leveling, is working on completing each holiday as it comes along.

Even at max level, some of these achievements require a bit of assistance from friends. Sure, I could get turned into a rabbit by picking up eggs, then hop all the way to Un’Goro from … I dunno, Mulgore probably would be the closest. But it’s so much easier to fly down there, blossoming branch in hand, and use Have Group Will Travel to summon Lyssi there.

The Alliance population on Drak is sparse. Throw in the lack of people in Dalaran and Shattrath (which hopefully will change some now that the portals are back), and you have either an exercise in futility, or a trip to the BGs. OR … you have awesome guildies like Telanarra, who tossed on a full set of heirlooms and power leveled this dwarfette for those of us who couldn’t find one.

For The Children takes a bit more work. In order to walk into UP, I needed to be level 75.  But I also needed to complete School of Hard Knocks, and leveling to 75 would put me at the bottom of the next BG bracket. I figured it would be best to bang out those PvP achievements before I leveled any higher.

 I noted in the comments from Monday’s post that the leveling BG brackets are pretty brutal for completing these. You wouldn’t know that by how Monday night went. Maybe I just got unlucky on Sunday? Here’s my Monday night play-by-play….

EotS – battle starts, notice that not many Alliance went to the middle so I follow a couple of teammates to the flag. One of them runs it and the other follows him … NO ONE comes to the center, so when the flag respawns, I am the ONLY one standing there clicking. Score.

AV – race to Stonehearth Bunker, first one up the stairs … aw crap, there’s an enemy boomkin here. Keep myself alive while standing on top of the flag and putting some pressure on him, notice that a spriest has come along and is attacking him so he’s now ignoring me … CAP, QUICK, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR …!!!

I breathed a huge sigh of relief with that out of the way. Now I just have to hit 75 so I can go to UP and also eat the level 75 treats sold by Amy in Dalaran. On the way to 75 I do cooking/fishing dailies. I’m turning in my Dalaran cooking daily and .. wait, what’s this? The recipe for Delicious Chocolate Cake! Score. Now Van can make his own and get another achievement instead of having Juna make it for him.

Once at 75 I sweet-talked all of my prot pally friends, hoping to find a time when both myself and one of them had 30 free mins to bang out UP. Didn’t take much to get Arvash to do it, I only had to promise to stop making fun of him for accidentally sending Arelin mail from his alts, and had to summon him to the instance. Done and done.

Ten more levels and I can heal him for real. Oh sure, I tossed heals on him in there. I even tried Lay on Hands once … and was sorely disappointed when it healed him for MY 13k health pool instead of his 150k health pool. Oh well. But I’d like to think I helped at least a little bit .. I know I heard him bitching later on about the new cooldown on WoG.

Anyway … thanks bunches to all my guildies for the help and support getting these things done. You’re all awesome!


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6 Responses to “Two Down”

  1. slice213 Says:


  2. koalabear21 Says:

    Aww no picture of the sexy troll shaman?


    grats again hun!

  3. repgrind Says:

    Nah, I keep all the pics of Zari to myself.

    Oh! You mean from our visit to Un’goro. I have one at home but we’re both bunnies and it’s kinda dark.

  4. telanarra Says:

    Gratz on all the achievements and it’s what i do 🙂

  5. Analogue Says:

    Now you get a break until July! Whoo-hoo!

  6. Troutwort Says:

    Female orcs are hands-down the worst to find. And female tauren presented a challenge too…because I swear druids never come out of flight form.

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