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Even Easier

April 19, 2011

Some raid action from Friday night. Log’s internet went out shortly before raid time. Likely story. But it meant that Kaly got to come out and play.

Slice seemed to like that idea a lot.

Oh, so you noticed that big mace hanging off my back, eh? Yeah … we cleared the trash before Magmaw and Reversion whispers me “Do you still have two tank specs? You can swap to a dps if you want to” and I was all like “I’d actually rather tank because if the mace drops no one else will be able to use it since Grom already has one” so I tanked and guess what? There it is.

Now we match! ūüėÄ

I don’t remember how many pulls we took to get Maloriak. It wasn’t many. When we got to Phase 2, I had full aggro on both Prime Subjects and Desecration-CoI kited them all across the back of the room. When Mal went down, they expired on top of each other smack in the middle of a desecration puddle. It was a beautiful thing.

For Chim, we changed to the SR method of each tank taking 3 breaks then swapping. That worked beautifully, I think everyone liked it a lot better.

Atramedes. My previous experience on him as tank was like, 2 pulls in the Sun/Mon group before they decided to go to Throne of the Winds. Remember a couple weeks ago when I downed him with Ado’s guild and said that playing ranged on this fight was easy? Well … tanking him is even easier.


  • Dodge rings/fire
  • Remember which way to run if the breath is on you
  • If it’s on someone else, GTFO if they run towards you
  • Keep up DPS during all of that


  • Dodge rings/fire
  • Remember which way to run if the breath is on you
  • If it’s on someone else, GTFO if they run towards you
  • Keep people alive despite the fact that they’re constantly going out of range and standing in stuff and you have to keep moving


  • Dodge rings/fire
  • Maybe sidestep if the person running the breath is coming your way
  • Keep aggro

Whatever we did eventually worked, and we finally crossed him off the list of bosses our raid has downed, putting our group at 9/12.

I sort of feel sorry for him. At least he’s free now.


Golden Lion Parade

April 18, 2011

Crits and Giggles reached the end of the leveling grind last night and dinged 25. The Sunday night raid’s downing of Conclave of Wind pushed it over the top, but we had multiple full guild heroic runs going and of course almost everyone in the guild had been working hard on earning xp for many weeks now. Not counting some slackers who were busy leveling blood elves and such. Owait …. >.>

Naturally, the first thing most of us did was run right down to the Guild Vendor and buy our mounts.

Lion kisses!

Of course that’s Chan on the left … who else?! Kerick, haven’t you been warned repeatedly about messin with Kaly’s girl?

Hmmm …. we’re getting quite the group gathered here.

Yep, we definitely need to have a parade.

We weren’t the first guild on the server … a Horde guild with some 900 members got it last weekend.

We weren’t the first Alliance guild, either.

But we were the only ones parading through Stormwind, so we got plenty of attention.

Isn’t Phlame just adorable? Love those dwarf ladies!

Grats again, guys! Great work on all the xp earning, no thanks to me. I know I didn’t help as much as I could have, although all of the raid kills do count for something I suppose.

P.S. Total screenshot fail as I’m still targeting Log in all of them so his nameplate is showing. Doh.

Seven Days

April 14, 2011

It started last Thursday, when Ado talked me into bringing Karius along to the Scrubs raid. Friday and Saturday was my regular raid in Crits. (Saturday ended up being called because we were short, but I still had to be there and we still did OS3D, so I’m counting it.) The Sunday/Monday raid lost BOTH of their tanks this week, for an indeterminate amount of time. So¬†Rev and I tanked it for them. Tuesday is my usual raid with SR. On Wednesdays I am normally on standby because three nights of raiding pretty much keeps me happy. But this week someone was not going to make it, so they needed a tank.

Seven straight nights. BoT and BWD blending together. I’m so worn out. I close my eyes at my desk, only for a few moments … and in those few moments, we’re fighting on the stairway gauntlet. A fire guy knocks the other tank and all the healers into the lava, and at the bottom of the stairs Magmaw suddenly breaks up out of the floor! … and I am back at my desk, wide awake again for now.

So how does one stay sane and remain focused after so many hours, especially when the majority of those have been spent staring at boss crotch and breaking your taunt button? After the 115th wipe of the week, when you start to break down and get cranky and can feel the tension bleeding out and affecting  the group as a whole, how do you (the group you, not the individual you) come together and become a team again?

Answer: Have crazy awesome guildies who know *exactly* when to pull crap that will make everyone grin.

I’m waiting around while a guild bank is dropped so they can make more feasts, when I see this come across my chat window:

Orly??? Well damn, boy … get on with it then!

Shake it baby!

It’s been awhile since I’ve had a dance party post. It was long overdue!

We still didn’t get Ascendant Council down, but that sure lightened up the mood alright.

Lyssi, are you seeing the same problem here that I am seeing? Surely we can get that boy some larger bags. Way too much armor. He can leave the boots on though. ūüėČ


April 11, 2011

So, this weekend I made a(nother) baby paladin to play on another friend’s server.¬†Alts (and paladins) are like Oreo cookies, you can’t stop at just one. (I know, I know, that’s supposed to be some brand of potato chips or something, but I *can* stop at just one of those, so there.)

I made it to level 3 before the random guild invite popped up on the screen. Meh. I left it up for 20 seconds while I trained my first spells, then declined. As I ran out of Northshire Abbey to demolish a training dummy with my shiny new Judgement, I spotted the lock who’d invited me, and he whispered me. “Just accept and I’ll give you 9g 23s.” Dude … I’m a level 3 on a server where I have no other toons to support me. I had to go kill an extra wolf in order to be able to purchase both my¬†Seal of Righteousness ¬†AND my Judgement. In other words, my current gold¬†was a big fat zero, literally. So I accepted … and the next yellow¬†text I see in my chat window is “Lockdude has made Marionus the new Guild Master.” followed by “Lockdude has left the guild.”

So here I am, level 3 and I have my own freaking guild, complete with one bank tab with a handful of low level herbs and ore, and a bank balance of 19g. Score! I went to Stormwind once I hit level 5 and was ready for Goldshire. In the meantime, my buddy had come to visit me in Northshire Valley and given me a couple hundred g’s, so I bought myself some bags, trained all my professions, admired my guild vault, and bought a guild tabard. Uh oh. It’s blank. So I designed one.

I am thoroughly impressed with the redesign of the old world quest reward armor. I coloured my tabard to go with what he was wearing (as well as his hair color … this is important yo!) I am quite happy with the results. This is at level 6 … looking every bit the hero, not like some noob with castoff pieces of scrap armor.