My Little Baby’s All Grown Up

The last quest with my Venomhide Hatchling.

Then it’s a short ride to Un’Goro back to the trainer for the final saddle fitting.

And off we go for our first ride!

Bonus Shot: Dinging 70 a couple days later

Last night he also finished off Magister’s Terrace and got his Outland Dungeonmaster achievement, so now it’s time to move on to Wrath dungeons. Yes, he could have done so at 68 but … he still has a full 10 levels to see everything there. I’ve really enjoyed taking the time to re-experience some of the old content.


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5 Responses to “My Little Baby’s All Grown Up”

  1. koalabear21 Says:

    Grats again hun 🙂

  2. Troutwort Says:

    Yay for raptor mounts!

  3. Analogue Says:

    You should get some screenshots next to someone on a skeletal raptor…. as a “threat”….

  4. repgrind Says:

    ugh. I need to keep digging for my OWN skeletal raptor. I’ve got the pet already. At this point I’m beginning to think I’ll be like Elgar, and be max skill before I ever see the mount. I’m digging in Northrend now!

  5. zarigar Says:

    Yay, grats!

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