Pugging BRD

The Good, The Bad, and The WTF?!?

Those last few levels before Outland are long. Part of it is the anticipation of getting to move on to a whole different world, part of it is the repetition of getting the same two dungeons over and over, and part of it is the length of those dungeons. Well, ok, the length of BRD. With the redesign of Sunken Temple, it is now short and boring. Dislike.

The Good

Zone in to a fresh run. Druid tank, hunter, a couple other dps that I don’t even remember. Tank is using LoS pulls and sticking mobs to him like glue. Totally pro. I check Real ID to make sure it’s not Reversion moonlighting on some other faction and server. We do a little bit of running in circles but not too bad. That place is confusing even after all this time.

We kill the Emperor and all the DPS leave other than the hunter. The tank and I have a quest turnin on the other side of the Lyceum (aka the respawn room from hell) so while we’re zoning out and back in to do that, he says ‘Hey want to do The Heart of the Mountain? It’s close by.’ About this time I mouse over the hunter and realize they’re together. So the three of us finish our quests and he pops up a queue for UBRS. Hmmm … this is a rare opportunity to do dungeons I probably won’t finish otherwise, with an awesome tank and his buddy. Sign me up.

These two worked together very well. The druid would grab a group, and then have the hunter tag another group and LoS them to him. I cannot say enough good things about them. We did all of UBRS and LBRS and had a great time at it. So here’s a big shout out to Chuun and Tokenhunter of Uther. If you get them in your random, you hit the jackpot.

The Bad

Zone in to another fresh run. Warrior tank, a couple clothies and a shaman. The tank asks if we want a full run or just go to the end. Mage says go to the end. I mention something about the quests that I would like to finish and the mage says ‘at your level you won’t get much for them anyway.’ Still not sure what he meant by that, considering I was obviously in the right level range for the dungeon, but whatever. I end up being thankful for the short run.

We get to Flamelash and the tank says ‘brb’ so I stand back in the corridor with him, patiently waiting. Not the clothie kids though, they get bored and pull. Tank gets back halfway through the fight and all is good, although I was sorely tempted to let one of them die. The tank then says ‘I said I’d brb, I had to take that phone call. Please let me do the pulling.’ (or something to that effect) The idiots are busy commenting about how slow he is and how he sucks. Really?

Next room. They spot a rare on the other side of the room. We kill the mobs we are fighting. Tank heads for the room with the Council of 7, the dps go and tag the rare. What do you do in this situation? Stay with your tank, or go with the dps?

They would be perfectly capable of killing it themselves with a healer. One of them was a lock, I’ve healed pets as temporary tanks many times. But they are not the tank, we HAVE a perfectly good tank, and he chose to move on and leave those mobs (and I can’t say as I blame him, the way they were talking about him).

This is one of my biggest pet peeves. If you want to call the shots and decide what to kill and when, ROLL A FREAKING TANK. Yes, there are bad tanks out there and sometimes someone else has to direct things. But this tank had asserted himself in chat. And no, it wasn’t a control trip, he didn’t freak out, he simply had to afk for one stinking minute. He said or did nothing to lose his role as the leader of the group. (Note to DPS: having the dungeon guide role does not mean you’re in charge. You’re STILL not the tank. Especially if you’re a mage.)

I followed the tank. We entered the room, started the fight (which of course closed the door) and proceeded to 2 man it. I watched the DPS all die. sigh. And for whatever strange reason, none of them dropped group. They finished the rest of the place with us. They also went on my ignore list.

Please, don’t be like this. Show your tank a little respect and help him do his job. If you want to do it for him, well … enjoy your repair bills, because I’m on his side (unless he’s an absolutely horrid jerk, which has happened also).

The WTF?!?

You know those people that queue as tanks to get instaqueues? Those I can understand. There’s logic behind it. This … defies all common sense and will truly make you go ‘Huh?’

Zone in to a run in progress. Things go fine for awhile, then the tank has to go eat. We get a new tank, then one of the dps dc’s and the tank leaves.  The warrior takes over tanking but stays queued as dps. It’s taking forever to get a new tank though, so he requeues as tank and we get a couple dps instead. One is a priest. I notice he’s not in shadowform but think nothing of it … he wouldn’t be the first DPS disc priest I’ve had to run with.

We go along and the party is covered in Divine Aegis bubbles. I’m like … huh? So I watch his cast bar for a bit. He’s chain casting Prayer of Healing. I say ‘No offense,  but you do know you’re supposed to be DPS, right?’ He says ‘Oh sorry, give me a second to switch specs.’

Move on and … wait, what’s this? Is that … Holy Word:Sanctuary under the tank? And the glowy thing under the priest’s feet … Chakra … really?? You’ve gotta be kidding me. I watch his cast bar again and he’s still chain casting Prayer of Healing, just as holy now instead of disc. /facepalm

People, seriously, if you only want to heal, QUEUE ONLY AS HEALS NOT AS DPS! I don’t have a DPS spec. I don’t *want* a DPS spec. I queue only as heals because I want to heal. What part of that concept is hard to grasp? Oh ,and if you’re a priest, please … either get a shadow spec, or spam a spell that does damage, like … smite? sigh

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7 Responses to “Pugging BRD”

  1. slice213 Says:


    It’s ok you are in Outlands now. Playground of the deathtards….it will get better…I hope 😛

  2. zarigar Says:

    lolol…the priest with 2 healing specs queued as dps because….he likes the addt’l wait time????

  3. Ado Says:

    , smite, smite, smite ( Hold on I’m still in my smite rotation), smite, smite, smite…..

  4. koalabear Says:

    I would like to say that it gets better, but it doesn’t 😦

  5. repgrind Says:

    It wasn’t necessarily bad, just … interesting. There are some awesome players out there, and then there are … subjects like the one in that last example. Then again, I’ve been lucky and haven’t gotten any seriously horrid tanks. Ok, I admit there have been many many many bad Tauren paladins who seem to have exorcism bound to every key … but nothing I couldn’t heal through so far. The ones that are truly bad either get kicked or drop group.

  6. Troutwort Says:

    Elemental-enhancement is the same or worse than holy DPS?

  7. repgrind Says:

    Hey, at least your guy was actually *doing* dps. We were two healing stuff that barely even needs one healer most of the time.

    I suppose I could fill in my second spec with the talents that reduce the mana cost of exorcism and all that but … I don’t really quest and have no intention of dpsing while leveling.

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