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Van Goes Raiding

April 26, 2011

Who says you have to be 85 to raid? You just have to have enough people of the appropriate level for the instance … or better yet, friends who are 85. Like say … Lyssi and Slice!

That was Saturday. And yes, we 3 manned most of Tempest Keep with 85 tank and DPS, and a level 71 healer. We weren’t quite able to down Kael and friends, although we did get them to Phase 3. If it hadn’t been almost time for the Crits raid, perhaps we would have given it another try.

Fast forward to last night. Shortly after midnight my time, so I’m wrapping up my hunt for Alliance females to put bunny ears on, when Tel asks in chat if anyone has a toon they can spare for awhile. He wants to do ZA before it goes away in today’s patch. UUUUUhhhhhhhhhhgggg …..soooooooo laaaaattttteeee. BUT … it’s a case of now or never, ya know?

We wait for Yui and Lyssi to finish their randoms, then the four of us head out to Ghostlands. So we have 85 prot pally, 85 ret pally, 85 spriest, and 72 holy pally. Can you say roflstomp? Lion joined us later after he’d finished his dungeon, so then we had yet another ret pally. (Pally powah! Who invited the priest again? Level a paladin Lyss!)

Lyssi and I got locked out of Zul’jin though. She was trading me a hex stick when Yui pulled. Oops. So here I am sitting outside the platform getting achievement spam for … not really doing anything. lol.

Still no Mojo for me. Hopefully he is still available in the new 5 man, because  I’ve never gotten him on any toon yet. But PPP got one! So I kissed it.

I did manage to snag a couple purples while we were there, too. I got a belt, and I got this funky looking helmet.

Noblegarden Update

This is not going nearly as poorly as I had anticipated. When I put ears on Zug’s hunter the other day, it didn’t dismount me. A lightbulb went off in my head. If I don’t get dismounted …

So I flew around to areas where I was likely to find unsuspecting leveling toons. Darkshire … male human, male human, worgen, male undead … aha! Female gnome! Divebomb down towards the center of town, one eye on my hotkey to hit it as soon as I’m in range … bam! Gnome has bunny ears and I am rising on my sparkle pony, back into the skies and away to find my next victim. I got a human rogue in Theramore, and a Night Elf hunter in Ashenvale.

I’m actually having a lot of fun divebombing people to put ears on them. So much better than having to engage in PvP. Tonight I’m going to try Wetlands for a dwarf. Not really sure where to find a Draenei … gotta be some though. Everyone and their dog has a female space goat on my Alliance server. Can’t be much different here. Then again, 90% of the toons I have found are males. Maybe this server is just weird. 😛

Screenshot Monday

April 25, 2011

… because I have more time to write real posts on Fridays, I’m taking Lyssi’s Screenshot Friday and turning it into Screenshot Monday. I’m too often swamped on Monday mornings to put anything substantial here.

Number Six

April 21, 2011

Other blogs will complain about the linear nature of questing in the post-Cataclysm world. They are unhappy with having to do the exact same questlines over and over in order to level, with no variation, especially if you want to hit up all of the reputations. Very little can be skipped, with the possible exception of Vashj’ir since you get more ER rep in Deepholm anyway, which you absolutely cannot skip if you want shoulder enchants.

You won’t find any of that here. There are options, including many that didn’t exist in the past, such as xp for archaeology/herbing/mining, or daily cooking/fishing quests  starting at level TEN, or leveling through BGs or even LFD. Sure, I get tired of the same quests over and over, who doesn’t? I get bored, I try one of the above options or swap to another toon in a different level range. But even when I’m facing the same questline for the sixth time … there are gems to be found that are worth doing on every single toon.

You’d have to be a heartless, inhuman cretin to not love Pebble and his pile of stone bats.

Hmm …. at some point Van is going to have to start collecting ret gear. I’m not sure I want to do *all* of Deepholm as holy. Oh. Hmmm … my baby warrior is wearing the heirloom chest and shoulders … maybe it won’t be so tough.

Anyway (back on topic) a few quests later and we have max level toon number six.

Of course, being the wonderful friend that I am, I rushed right back to town and proceeded to inject just enough iLevel into my gear to get into heroics, so my dear sweet Divergent would have an undergeared melee to heal. Kerick threw a chunk of his useless VPs into a pair a boots, and I borrowed a set of BoE holly pally PvP shoulders out of the guild vault. NO, I did not equip them. I’m not Logarithm.

We drug Slice‘s mage Velineda along and … got Stonecore. The experience deserves a post of its own but … ugh. Maybe someday when I’m over the pain. Hahaha. I was tempted to swap spec and throw on my sword and board … I couldn’t have failed on Ozruk any worse than the pug tanks we had. Srsly … they made the fight easier than it was before! Are you all a bunch of slack-jawed, window-licking keyboard  turners??? /headdesk

Anyhow, after 3 hours in there …. the Monday night raid got over and several guildies took pity on me and took me along so I could get my VPs. We got …. Stonecore! Aaaaaaand …. steamrolled the place. And with my shiny new Tear of Blood, I could put the holy pally shoulders back in the gvault and still have a high enough iLevel to run heroics. 😉

My Little Baby’s All Grown Up

April 20, 2011

The last quest with my Venomhide Hatchling.

Then it’s a short ride to Un’Goro back to the trainer for the final saddle fitting.

And off we go for our first ride!

Bonus Shot: Dinging 70 a couple days later

Last night he also finished off Magister’s Terrace and got his Outland Dungeonmaster achievement, so now it’s time to move on to Wrath dungeons. Yes, he could have done so at 68 but … he still has a full 10 levels to see everything there. I’ve really enjoyed taking the time to re-experience some of the old content.