It Has Dragons!

Remember Damnation? Roz still has it in his bank. This … might be even prettier. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me start at the beginning.

I’m running around on Van last night digging up stuff. I’ve already done my dailies as well as a random, so the rest of the night is just cruising around doing whatever I want. Or so I think. I’m lurking in vent because the raid is starting and I want to listen in. Then Lyssi and Slice both whisper me … ‘come raid! Someone didn’t show up.’

Well, I was on standby for just that reason … to cover if they need me. So I logged over and got summoned to BWD. Good thing too, since the other option was to fly on my slow mount from Twilight Highlands. Soooo much easier hopping on my fast drake with Crusader Aura and popping over there from Stormwind. lol. I can usually beat the summons there.

I’ll spare you the boring details. Omnomnom died. Magmaw died. Magmaw dropped PRETTIES!!! (Grom, you’re going to hate me. It took you months of killing the worm to get this thing, and I get it the first freaking time I kill him. RNG is a bitch)

I absolutely LOVE the dragon heads flanking the head of Akirus the Worm-Breaker. You’re likely to see more shots of it later on, because it is just *that* awesome looking.

As for the rest of the raid … Maloriak died and the gloves that won’t drop for Kerick were sharded. (/cry) Chimaeron … well, they do Chim a bit differently. The tanks just tank swap at three stacks of Break, instead of having one tank take all the breaks and the other take all the double attacks. I personally found it easier as far as the tanking is concerned … it doesn’t take much skill to watch for 3 stacks and taunt, although I had issues keeping him (and later Algaloth) off me when it was the other tank’s turn for aggro. I’m not used to that whole Vengeance thing yet! Anyway, I don’t know whether that is harder for the tank heals or not, but it’s easier as a tank to just watch stacks instead of watching for double attacks that are often interrupted by massacre and don’t actually happen.

Atramedes I went DPS. I gotta say … I don’t know HOW you guys stay out of the darn circles. I stood at max range, and yes he has a rather large hitbox, but damn … this one time, the circle went the same way I did and I was in the center of the stupid thing running and yelling AAAHHHHHHHHH and then I was dead.


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6 Responses to “It Has Dragons!”

  1. koalabear21 Says:

    Yeah the rings are MUCH easier to dodge when you are ranged. You would have to ask zug/lion/sorak how they dodge the rings in melee.

    Grats again on your lewts and thank you so much for coming to help!

  2. slice213 Says:

    Thanks again for helping is out once again.

    Also grats on the loot. I was very glad there were things people could use. I dont like to shard things. But yeah poor pally gloves….maybe I should take my pally in once we reset the instances. 😛

  3. slice213 Says:

    the break thing…we just find it easier to just heal thru it. Other then watching who might get the slime in my group or Sorak’s group i just spam the tank with Chim atm.

    SR = Brute force FTW

  4. ReversionLFM Says:

    Yeah. I am thinking that might make things easier to just heal through it. hmm will have to try that next time.
    I almost never have issues with the circles. As soon as the big room filling ring pulses I take two steps back. Then I just dodge to the side around them. Dont run away from them more than a step or two. Better to run forward through them if you have to. If you have any sound at all and you are far from a gong hit, just take several move steps when the big pulse goes off and give yourself lots of room to manuver. They rarely get me.

  5. ReversionLFM Says:

    oh and dont run away from then if they are going to catch you. That makes it so you spend a LOT longer inside them. If you must, run toward them and out the other side fast.

  6. slice213 Says:

    To heal thru the breaks, it does make it easier for the tanks. they only have to watch stacks, and when they do switch, they should make sure to pop a cooldown.

    Also making sure when they swap, the tanks should communicate it clearly, it is important so the healers can change gears and heal the new facetank.

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