Council Down: Horde Edition

So last night was Shadow Rising’s second trip to Bastion of Twilight. This time, though … I was tanking. I think I have 135k health unbuffed. Yeah … undergeared? More like, barely geared. was being flaky last night, so at raid time, we had three people in vent that couldn’t log into the game … the other tank, one of the healers, and one of the dps. So we waited a bit and then decided to go ahead and start pulling trash. We had two hunters, a lock, a resto shaman … so we had CC at least.  First pull was no problem, but we were having issues pulling one of the groups that pat without pulling the other. The orbs were complicating things, so I borrowed a page from Cruel’s playbook and pulled the front groups off the sides first. By the time we finished with those, our missing raiders were succeeding in logging in.

Trash down, on to Halfus. Last week we one-shot him. This week’s combo is a bit messier  than last week’s though… Slate, Storm Rider, and Time Warden. So that’s the MS debuff, shadow nova, and fireballs. So I pull up the Storm Rider and we don’t interrupt the shadow novas. Hey, no big deal, no one besides me has had this drake up before. The decision is made to pull up Storm Rider and Time Warden at the same time. That … doesn’t go so well. I just don’t have the gear for it. I’m discouraged and wondering if we can do this at all, but we go back to the first strat, figuring that since we’ve got the interrupts down now that people have seen it, we should be good to go. And we are! We did have to tank swap once after the first drake was down, but it went pretty smoothly.

On to twins. I swap over to DPS spec. Last week we spent a great deal of time learning the fight. This week we one shot them easy. Once again, we forgot to take a screenshot before the drakes disappeared. Oops?

Twilight Council. I get the fire dude.  We have some learning to do on this fight. I figure out how to (mostly) point him so that the flame jets never hit the dps. It doesn’t always work out so well if I get waterlogged. (Sorry Zarm, I didn’t kill you on purpose, I swear it!) We get to the second phase consistently but I’m dying. I check the logs and the Lightning Blast that the air guy does after he teleports away from me has hit me for 84k and 92k. Ouch? We try to arrange for it to be interrupted but he pretty much is always out of range, so we also have me using cooldowns and the healers looking out for it and making sure I get topped off. At some point it all comes together and they’re down! Woot!! Progression/guild first kills on the same fight in both guilds just a few days apart. How cool is that?

As usual, there is a pic with nameplates up at Lyssi’s blog, if you feel the need to identify who is who amongst this group of crazies.

So both guilds got their first look at Cho’gall this week as well. I saw much less of the fight as the tank than I did when I was healing.  I really couldn’t see anything going on behind me, all I saw was the front of Cho’gall’s loincloth … yeah, the view when I’m healing is preferable, thank you very much.  Arv was taking him first, so I was taking over just before the first big add came out. All I can say on the fight is, he hits HARD. Which I already knew from how many times I let Log die the other night. 😉


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8 Responses to “Council Down: Horde Edition”

  1. koalabear21 Says:


  2. Slice213 Says:

    “I really couldn’t see anything going on behind me, all I saw was the front of Cho’gall’s loincloth …”

    I am sure Lyssi would have liked that view. she is a perv like that.

  3. koalabear21 Says:

    That I am

  4. Analogue Says:

    How was SR’s progress on Cho’Gall?

  5. Slice213 Says:


    1st night seeing the ugly ogre – I cannot complain, we did well i think

    The fight mechanics do not seem as bad as Nefarion.

    People were getting interrupted when they were MC’d by Cho’gall. Our Fury Warrior was charging out to range as well. was quite amusing lol.

    Fury of Cho’gall – it seemed our tanks got that down.

    Healers – Flame’s Order – more healing on tank.

    Shadow’s Order – Cho’gall’s melee attacks cause AoE dmgs to raid as well.

    Also the raid, till crap hit the fan, kept their Corruption levels low.
    The big adds died nicely. Only thing needs work is the slime adds. And I think our ranged can do it. I think the # of slimes that spwned caught us unaware. p2 looks like a joke, its just pew pew pew phase. Controlling the 1st phase is the key.

  6. Arvash Says:


  7. Troutwort Says:

    Nice job and grats to all!

  8. Ado Says:

    Tip for phase 2. Tank him on a wall. He spawns four eye stalk adds in a square pattern if he has room. If you’re on a wall for it the four adds spawn it two spots and you have less running. It also nice to have an AOE stun, like shadow fury or the prot warrior thing, on a set of two to intrupt beams while you kill the other two first.

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