Number Five

And it won’t stop there. I mean, come on, does this ever really get old?

You squee’d. Don’t lie, I know you did. Only the most heartless can resist Pebble’s charm.

The more times I do the questline, the better I get at staging bat pile screenshots.

This time around, I leveled just enough in Hyjal to get honored, then to Deepholm long enough to hit 83 and open Uldum, Uldum to 84 (and honored), then the Highlands long enough to get friendly with Dragonmaw and run through CoC for my shiny sword. Once I got that far, I went back to finish all of Deepholm … partly because I LOVE Deephom, and partly because .. well, if you want shoulder enchants and you’re not a scribe … also, finishing there got me to honored with Earthen Ring as well. So I’m already honored with everyone other than Dragonmaw. (And whatever the Tol Barad faction is. Screw Tol Barad.)

I headed back to the Highlands once I was done with Deepholm. It took only about half a dozen more quests to ding.

BTW, the quests in the other four zones, being done for neutral factions for the most part, were pretty much the same on both sides. But the quests leading into the Highlands on the Horde side? Yeah … they made me glad that I’m mainly Alliance.

After dinging I headed back to Deepholm to buy rings. And realized that I couldn’t, because I wasn’t revered. !?! Like huh?? I leveled four other toons through here and they were all revered before IĀ  … oh. Yeah. They were all human. Diplomacy racial bonus FTW. That was quickly settled with one round of dailies. And as a bonus, Terborus spawned just as I was exiting the Crumbling Depths, so I got shiny sexy 346 bracers to wear.

Combine those with a pair of 346 rep rings, an Elementium Dragonling, and a 333 chest from the last questline I finished in the Highlands, and I’m sitting at a 330 item level … wewt! I can fail in Heroics without ever doing a level 85 regular! But I will do regulars, because I have on green crap. Well, at least one random regular a day anyway, for the bonus JPs.


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10 Responses to “Number Five”

  1. Analogue Says:

    Oh? What makes the Horde quests bad? Or is it they just can’t match escorting a handsome young Prince around on adventures?

  2. repgrind Says:

    They’re not bad. They’re actually very well done. It’s just … the whole attitude of ‘build the biggest army ever seen and invade’ that turns me off. Whereas the Alliance goes in to assist the Wildhammer and help preserve their homeland and drive the Twilight’s Hammer out, the Horde intends to destroy everything in their path to get at the Twilight Citadel, including the Wildhammer and even the Dragonmaw if necessary. Oh, and the Alliance especially. Elune forbid they should ever actually work together against a common foe. *rolleyes*

    Also, I HATE HATE HATE the goblins in this expansion.

  3. Analogue Says:

    I keep meaning to roll goblins and at least do 1-20 on them, I have no idea what has happened over there with the goblins.

    Silly Horde. They need a new strategy, one that involves less mindless rushing toward death and more subtlety. I don’t mind playing defense, as Alliance, not when the alternative is mindless “kill! crush! conquer!”

    Way easier to hate the Horde for doing that then hate the Alliance for resisting, it seems…

  4. repgrind Says:

    My goblin made it to level 4. I haven’t looked at her since. I suspect she will be deleted without ever making it off of Kezan. I did enjoy driving around town in the hot rod with the radio blasting, but other than that… they’re just not for me. They managed to roll up every stereotype in society that is the opposite of my personality, and stuff it into little green bodies.

  5. slice213 Says:

    Silly conjecture. We at the Horde are fully capable of subtle tactics. However, when your enemies are so nearsighted to see the error of their ways, at times, it can be frustrating, so we go with the smash technique. As this is the only technique others may understand. /sigh…at times it can be hard being so misunderstood.

    Kidding aside….I agree…not a fan of goblins as well.

    Also…Alliance = Horde….Muradin attacking Deathbringer….seems like a smash technique to me! “One orc against the might of the alliance!” šŸ˜›

    And also I must be heartless…pebbles….its just a piles of stones!!

    +1 for the post labels. “Lyssi is making me play Horde!” lol

  6. Analogue Says:

    Muradin’s a dwarf, what can you do, they’re a bit headstrong and like to solve their problems with beer and axes.

  7. repgrind Says:

    Hang on there, boy. Deathbringer Saurfang doesn’t count as Horde … he was a Scourge minion of the Lich King!

    And what Ana said .. Dwarves are silly. They’re like mini-Orcs.

  8. zarigar Says:

    Grats again on 85!

    The only part I didn’t like about Twilight Highlands is the super long, real-time zeppelin flight you take to get there.

    They should at least offer you peanuts and show a movie.

  9. repgrind Says:

    Thanks Zari! You were the first one to grats me in guild! šŸ™‚

    Ok, ok .. I’ll give the other 10 people a pass since they were sorta busy with Maloriak and stuff.

  10. koalabear21 Says:

    Grats again hun!

    Why am I the only one being blamed for you playing Horde?

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