Burning Dragons

If you read Analogue and Reversion’s blog also, you already know how the weekend raid went.

Friday we … man I need to start writing these down. I have to really think about where we went first. LOL. Pretty sure we hit BoT first though. Yeah, yeah we did. Before the raid, Kaly wiped his 2H frost offspec and picked up the Desecration +2 spec for fights other than Wind Council where he has to handle adds. His main tank spec is the Lichborne +2 spec. (Details on both specs can be found over at pwnwear.com. If you have a DK and are thinking about tanking, it is THE place to get info.)

So .. Halfus. We had Storm Rider, Whelps and Slate, released in that order. So I put on the desecration spec. My job was to release and tank the Storm Rider, then when he is almost down release and aggro all of the whelps, release and tank the Slate Dragon once the whelps are down, and then take the boss from Rev so he can go cat for max DPS in the final phase. We one shot it and beat our previous best time.

I swapped specs and we cleared the trash and moved on to Valiona and Theralion. Now, this is one we’ve worked on once or twice but hadn’t made any serious attempts in a couple of weeks. So we all had things to learn on it. First time I let T eat Analogue when he came down. Oh, I can taunt him before he even lands? Well, gosh. I guess that will make it easier. Yeah. We made progress and were starting to get the hang of it, but decided it would be better to get Rev tanking and bring Karius in. Still took about six attempts after that, but …

BTW, does anyone know how to get rid of those little white strips along the top of Combustionhelper? They showed up after the patch and they annoy me.

I tried  both frost and fire for this fight, and ultimately ended up going with fire. The DPS differences weren’t that huge, but I wasn’t killing myself with cauterize, so the extra mobility of fire won out. Now that they nerfed Deep Freeze and buffed Frostbolt to compensate, frost has lost a little of its capability on movement-heavy encounters, at least in my limited experience.

Afterwards, I hopped back on Kaly and we went and one-shot the Council of Wind. This is one fight where you do NOT want to use the desecration spec, because if you slow the adds on the green platform, it may keep them in the green healy circle longer. A nice tank ring dropped. I know some people in the guild are all like ‘grumble grumble no loot I want there why do it’, but our raid likes having a guaranteed kill each week, plus sometimes one of us *does* need a belt or ring, and if not, hey, it’s free maelstrom crystals.

Well, with three down and still more than an hour left in our raid, we figured we might as well get Magmaw too. This proved to be a little more of a challenge. Part of it was just my newness to tanking the fight. I ended up tossing on both of my stam trinks instead of one stam and the Porcelain Crab. It took until the final pull of the night, but eventually it all came together and we downed him.

Saturday night, as Analogue has already mentioned, we had a few personnel issues. Once we got a full roster though, we went after Omnitron. For this fight, I did go with the desecration spec, as it’s helpful to slow the slimes as soon as they spawn. Of course, this only works if I’m the one actually tanking Toxitron. We didn’t discuss it beforehand, but as luck would have it, I did end up with Tox. We one shot it. Plate DPS bracers dropped and of course I said give them to Grom, they’re not tanky. Then as it turned out, he already had them, so he gave them to me.

Maloriak. Perhaps if I had mentioned the desecration spec to Rev, he would have put me on adds. As it was, he took the harder job for himself and let me learn the fight by tanking the boss. We had a few issues adjusting to the difference in personnel .. the person playing the mage was unfamiliar with magery and so the shaman had to purge remedy, meaning the other interrupts had to be handled by others. I got the responsibility of covering the Arcane Storms. No problem! I have always loved doing interrupts. Yes, I know I’m weird. As with the night before on Magmaw, it took awhile, and it was the last pull of the night when we finally got him. And he dropped the gloves that Kerick has been drooling over .. you know, the ones with haste? Yeah … they are now a crystal. /cry

All in all, though, it was a very successful weekend. Six bosses down!  It’s nice to know that, even when faced with having to pull in three new people in order to field a team that week, we can still down our farm bosses and even get a new one.

So how did Karius celebrate the fact that he actually got to be in on a first kill?

Talk about getting burned … you better be  careful, there, Kar. That Chan’s a real heartbreaker! I don’t know what you and Kerick are thinking, messing with Kaly’s girl like that. 😛


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9 Responses to “Burning Dragons”

  1. Analogue Says:

    Like you said, knowing we can do our farm bosses even when we have to bring in spares is a great thing.

    This week, Twilight Council is going DOWN! And then we’ll be knocking on Cho’Gall’s door…. let the other raid take Nefarion on, I want Cho’Gall’s super-sexi trinket…

  2. repgrind Says:

    Uh huh, you can have the trinket if I get the Twilight’s Hammer … and Tyrande’s Doll.

    What!? You already have an epic weapon 😛

  3. Analogue Says:

    And my weapon looks like a Twilight Hammer logo and I totally dig that

    But the doll is mine, dammit.

  4. repgrind Says:

    Ooh. Cho’gall drops my bracers, too.

  5. Analogue Says:

    Then it’s agreed. Cho’gall must die.

    For the Loot!

  6. repgrind Says:

    But FIRST I must get my helm off the Twilight Council. It is super sexy … it has spirit and haste! 😀

  7. Troutwort Says:

    I want a headpiece that looks like that background there, big blue Vegas feathers. I would definitely turn on helm graphics then.

  8. slice213 Says:

    You mean my helm!!! I kid i kid!

    Kaly, kerick, karius, all these k’s hard to remember who is who lol.

  9. Gromdred Says:

    Cho’gall must die! (wasn’t that a movie?). And give me the bat axe!!!

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