You Want Me To Do WHAT?

What a crazy weekend. Friday … wait … was it Saturday? Friday we downed Magmaw and Omnomnom and then worked on Maloriak for the first time. Made good progress but … geez. You know how they said they hotfixed it so that the off tank would not get Flash Freeze? Yeah. Not so much.

Saturday we one shot Halfus, then opted to hit Council of the Four Winds since we know we can win and get loot/shards. From there, we had four options, three of which we’d spent time learning already … Val and T, Chimaeron, Maloriak, or Atramedes who we have not seen yet. We decided we’d learned a lot the night before, so went back to Mal … and two shotted him. LOL. We won’t talk about the Chim attempts afterwards.

Now, this next week, our off tank has military obligations. Our hunter/backup tank has been MIA for over a week. Our possible fillin warrior has been on vacation. We have excess healers at our disposal. Do you see where this is going? Kaly does …

I spent the better part of the last two days grinding heroics. Fortunately, there are plenty of people in the guild running them who don’t mind taking along a crappily geared 2H frost DK … so no one had to be exposed to my complete lack of 5man tanking abilities. In one day, he went from a 331 AIL (average item level) and 117k health (lulz) to 344 and only two pieces of DPS gear with 143k health. He got revered with Wildhammer and exalted with Hyjal. As soon as Rev gets one more orb, he’ll have the epic chest made. The purple DPS belt from Hyjal rep will serve adequately, once the crit is reforged … it has a healthy chunk of mastery on it.

It probably sounds a little bit crazy to gear up a tank and head to raids without tanking heroics. Maybe it is. But if you’ve ever tanked both of those, you know that they are two very different situations. Would tanking 5 mans make me a better tank? Well … maybe. It would certainly either improve my situational awareness or point out my lack of it.

Could I have used the JPs that Kerick has no use for and built a prot offspec on the toon that I’m already raiding on? Sure! And then proceed to tank on a toon I hadn’t tanked on since he was level 68. WTH, are you people nuts? At least I’m familiar with and comfortable with the DK tank abilities and playstyle. After all, my first LK kill was tanking on the DK. I got this.

If you need me, I’ll be over at studying.


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14 Responses to “You Want Me To Do WHAT?”

  1. lagalot Says:

    Oh ya instance and raid tanking styles are totally different. One is all about fast pulls, tryin to hold agro and keeping a good pace, the other is trying really hard not to die and damn the rest. Not that I’ve done either in cata yet, but my war tank is almost 80, so soon!

  2. Analogue Says:

    You sure do “got this”! We’re thrilled to have someone we can say…. so…. we need a tank next week and boom, there we have a tank next week! And for bringing in a new tank for these fights, we’d really rather have someone who if Rev says “jump” will say “how high” and not “But I think it would be better to try shimmying here”.

  3. Ado Says:

    I like shimmying!

  4. Troutwort Says:

    I’m just going to shimmy over this fence.

  5. repgrind Says:

    Just don’t shimmy while fighting the elevator boss. And if you DO … for all that’s good and holy, please just release and run back in.


  6. ReversionLFM Says:


  7. Gromdred Says:

    Just a little reminder…

  8. Analogue Says:

    We can’t have you tank, Grom ! You’re our number 2 dps, and we’re having dps problems, coming in dangerously close to enrage timers a little too often. You do more DPS than Share does, so I will have her heal and have Kalyon come as tank. You beat Karius on dps too you know… so no getting out of it…. we need our hard hitters!

  9. slice213 Says:

    Rep is tanking? zomg! I hope she does not have green bracers still 😛

  10. Analogue Says:

    Those were her HEALING bracers. We finally got her out of them.

  11. repgrind Says:

    Yeah, we gave them to the DK. Spirit = runic power regen amirite?

  12. slice213 Says:

    Spirit is king for DPS plate wearers.

  13. ReversionLFM Says:

    @Grom, have not forgot you man. Just wnat Ana said. If we had a spare really hard hitting DPS then we would have you off tanking for sure. One of these weeks that will happen…. oh to have to happy problem of too much DPS 😛 Hey, didn’t we have that issue a few weeks ago? Crud. That was an easier problem to solve. It might be time to do a recruiting post 😛

  14. gromdred Says:

    Lol! I hoped that was the issue, but lacked the confidence in game to allow myself to know it. That’s okay, as long as I know that’s the issue, I’m fine with it 🙂

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