Blah Blah Blahty Blah

No, I’m not bored. Quite the opposite in fact. In this case, ‘blah’ refers to blabbering rather than to feeling blah. I just don’t really have anything specific or awesome to ramble about. I have kept quite busy though.

Sunday we ran a bunch of Northrend heroics, partly for drake achieves (grats to everyone who finished theirs. Grom and Analogue both, I believe?), partly for guild achieves, and partly so Rags could hit up all of the dungeon elders and finish off the Lunar holiday title.

We’ve run a pile of heroics … we try to run at least one and preferably two every night. Kar and Kerick both finished off Stonecore in the last week (before the patch nerf) to finally complete every Cata heroic.  Still no wand or bracers, though Kerick has gotten darn near every other thing on his heroic wishlist, even to the point of replacing heroic items he was already wearing with perfectly itemized pieces (i.e. spirit and haste only, none of that mastery crap).

I’ve done the Love is in the Air boss on all four toons each night so far. Haven’t got much to show for it other than a couple of roses. (Pet .. gief … nao) Kerick and Rags are both working on completing the associated achievements. Rags had a fair number of them already done .. I must have played around with it last year on him. Kerick is down to this holiday, Children’s Week, and … hm. Is there another one between now and then? Maybe he’s down to just two to get his drake.

The Pebble daily has come up twice this week. The first time, Kaly was a few quests short of finishing the questlines and opening the dailies. (He still had to fight the Broodmother and do the Glopp stuff) So, with my completionist tendencies fully kicked in, I spent an hour or so finishing the rest of the zone, all the way to opening the portals to and from the throne. And then ALL FOUR of my toons did the daily (along with the Motes and the Fear of Boring because, well … they’re all right there.) Last night I didn’t have to finish any questlines, so instead, each toon took a tour of the outside edge of the zone (3 miners, 1 herber) to stock up on resources, before heading into the Crumbling Depths to rescue the little cutie.

Next time, though, there will only be 2 miners. I finally got around to ditching Kerick’s mining late last night, and started him on Alchemy. If he’s going to be my main raider, I’m going to darned well get me those 2 hour flasks.


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3 Responses to “Blah Blah Blahty Blah”

  1. Analogue Says:

    I think Reversion got his meta done too – and my Invariant made a lot of progress! Just doing Love in the Air on Analogue and Invariant myself, too much hassle for everyone else with everything else that needs doing too. Going to have to make Reversion go herbing tonight…

  2. Troutwort Says:

    Congrats! I’m just not all that into the Valentine’s holiday I guess. 😛 I might take some time to finish up the some of the Elders this time though. Though Elder Elgar is tough to say.

  3. Bartholemew the Halfling Paladin Says:

    “Though Elder Elgar is tough to say.”

    I prefer King Rossini.

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