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Poor Elgar

February 28, 2011

Last night Kerick was standing around in Stormwind debating on what to do, when Elgar logged on.

/guild “Hmmm, that reminds me … I should go catch Mr. Pinchy”

I’m sure most of my readers are familiar with Elgar’s eternally cursed mission to catch the elusive crustacean.

Kerick’s total catch:

33 Furious Crawdad

7 Golden Darter

2 Enormous Barbed Gill Trout

2 Curious Crate

1 Mote of Water

and one ….

Oh, and it gets even better! After hearthing back to Stormwind, I look at Kerick’s  map and decide that the four archaeology spots that are close to each other up North have mocked him long enough. It’s time to get rid of them. So I hopped a tram to Ironforge. (Why the tram instead of the portal to Twilight when the nearest dig is in Arathi? I dunno. Sometimes I just like the tram.)

I hop on my horse and fly out of Ironforge. I’m thinking to myself that he really needs to get killed by Deathwing to top off the night. I swear it’s true, that was actually on my mind. As I’m approaching the Wetlands, I hear Elgar exclaim in vent. Now, Elgey had just been showing off his Razowmaw Hatchling in chat a few minutes ago, so I know he’s in the Wetlands. As I cross the border, the screen goes red.

“OMG are we gonna get it?? Where are you?” I ask. Elgar is all excited, but then says that the kid he’s mentoring just got killed but he’s still alive and didn’t get it. I thought I was flying towards Raptor Ridge but all of a sudden I see an expanse of water in front of me. Oh crap! I’m going to wrong way!! Turn the horse around and …

GOGO CRUSADER AURA!!! All of a sudden I am falling … I hurry up and turn my UI back on so I can screenshot the cheeve spam.

Sorry Elgey. Here, let’s have Lady La-La sing for you and cheer you up!

Oh. Um, my bad. I kinda killed her. But I’d always wondered what that boombox was doing under that one roof in the Naga section of the first part of Vashj’ir. Now I know! It plays this really crappy, tinny pop music when Lady La-La spawns. It’s really, really horrid.

So sorry Elgey. But hey, you got a Hatchling! And Trout got to tame King Krush! So your day wasn’t ALL bad. 😉

How to Kill Yourself

February 24, 2011
21:54:44.319 Kerick [21:54:28.859] Chimaeron Massacre Kerick 55209 (A: 844790)
[21:54:43.765] Kerick takes 34393 damage from Logarithm‘s Hand of Sacrifice
[21:54:44.183] Kerick takes 1354 damage from Logarithm‘s Hand of Sacrifice (O: 27147)


Using Hand of Sacrifice on the Double Attack tank is bad, mmkay? Actually, using it on *anyone* in the Chimaeron encounter is probably not the brightest idea. Haha. Well, Kerick *is* blonde.

“Bad Druids” and Halfus Dance Party

February 24, 2011

“Bad Druids”

I logged on last night with no real plan.  I was going to run through everyone’s fishing and cooking dailies and maybe fish up some buff food in preparation for this weekend’s raid and then go from there. I was in the middle of the fourth fishing daily when Cael asked if anyone wanted a random. I was on Rags so I figured ‘what the hey’ and said I’d go. We picked up a couple more DPS in guild and away we went.

Stonecore! Well, we have a repent, a sheep, and a mind control. How bad can it be? Famous last words, right? Although, the CC wasn’t a problem. The pug healers, however … The first druid we got, I spent more mana shielding him than dps’ing. I don’t know how he got so much aggro. He stood in Corborus’ burrow  twice, said “i think it’s time you made this an all guild run,” and dropped group. The second druid did the same thing once, but we downed him the second time. Then wiped on the next trash. Druid #2 dropped group in the middle of the next pull.

Cael tried to requeue us but I said “two was enough, I’m getting Kerick.” I didn’t want to deal with a revolving door of healers. I suppose I could have tried healing it on Rags, he does have a holy spec. But I have a bit of a double standard I guess. I’m perfectly fine with coming in as a DPS with no gems or enchants, but there’s no way I’m going to heal that way. As my fourth alt who has little to no chance of seeing the inside of a raid, I haven’t bothered to spend the resources to enhance his gear.

The rest of the run was fine. Sure, we had some rough spots .. it’s Stonecore! But honestly, I can say from healing the rest of it, there was nothing wrong with Cael’s tanking and he wasn’t especially squishy. I’ve been healing Log and Squishybear, trust me, I know squishy and Cael wasn’t it! So maybe we just got unlucky and got inexperienced dudes queueing on their offspec to not have to wait in line for an hour. (One was even named something with boomkin in it.) IDK. Maybe Analogue can tell me if resto druids are especially squishy … I know they have lots of healing aggro. But I don’t know enough about the class to definitively label these two as “bad”, so I’ll leave the quotations around it. 

Halfus Dance Party

While we were finishing up in there, Cruel was putting together a BoT raid. I hadn’t intended to go, but Rev and Ana and Empy were all in, and they were short one DPS, so I grabbed Karius. Trash went fine, then when we got to Halfus and there were whelps, I decided to swap to fire for more AoE when they are released. So we had a mage of each spec in the raid. That was kinda cool.

After a few wipes, one of the shadow priests had an issue come up and had to go. So … what do we do while we wait around for a replacement to be found?


Kar got down with Empyrean and Reciprocal.

And some catdog action to go with the squishybear.

And of course, Invariant had to get in some shots, but since she’s a tiny widdle gnome, she had to find a way to be seen.

Best part is, we did actually get him down … on what had already been announced as the last pull of the night. I know for some people it was their first boss kill of the expansion, so grats to them! It was the first time Karius had killed him, too, so I was pretty happy with that.

Ride Me

February 23, 2011

As I mentioned yesterday, Kaly ran heroics all day long for two days. By Monday evening, I was so sick of instances. It was definitely time for a little rest and relaxation.  So I hopped on Karius and used his Lost Relic of Argus to determine which continent he would be digging on. That’s the way I do it when I’m too tired to bother having a plan.

I forget where it sent him exactly, but it was in the Eastern Kingdoms. I think it might have been Wetlands. Anyway, there was no dig site close, so he hearthed to Light’s Hope and flew to a site in the Hinterlands. As he was in flight, a sudden thought occurred to me.  “I know a way to make this even more fun.” Of course, I finished the dig site first … and then I went back to Stormwind and did a little toon hopping to transfer the rest of the gold I needed. I’d  been putting this off for too long. It was time.

To Uldum!

RAWR! I’m a dwagon!!

Here I am, getting ready to breathe fire on … oh. I can’t breathe fire? Well WTF.

About this time, my buddy Empyrean whispers me, asking where the troll starting area is. The holiday is almost over and he hasn’t found a troll rogue yet. (Ha! Big surprise there. I had to have my sweet Chan make both of the ones I needed.) So I told him to meet me in Theramore and I’d fly him over to the Echo Isles. Thus, he got to be the first one to ride Karius.

We had no luck in Sen’jin, though, so I whispered Analogue and sweet talked her into making one for him. Dance party!

Sadly, Sandstone Drakes dance about as well as they breathe fire. Oh well. It was still totally worth spending 29k gold to turn into a dragon.