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Strange subject for today, but I’m curious. I’m wondering if I really have just become a crabby old lady, or if other people feel this way at times, too. You see, there are times when I secretly wish that I could flip a switch and make my MMO into a single player RPG. Not permanently mind you. Just for a while. Because I WANT to quest/work on professions/do achievements … which leaves out finally getting around to plugging in that Dragon Age CD I bought way back when … but I want to be left alone while I’m doing it.

I have to wonder sometimes, what my guildies really think of me. Do they think I’m a stuck-up snob? There’s always a group of them in vent whenever they are logged on (I think every guild has those, Apathy did too)  … I’ll hop in it for group activities, like if we’re going to run a dungeon or a raid … but the rest of the time, I’d rather not be on it. Having someone whisper me to ‘get in vent plz’ because they want to ask me about something is a sure way to flip my cranky switch. You’ve just proven you have the ability to type (more or less) … do I *really* need to stop what I’m doing to tab out and log into vent? For a two minute conversation??

While we’re on the subject of whispers … when I log on for the first time each day, I usually start on my bank alt to check his mail and maybe toss a few things on the AH. Oftentimes, I’ll get three people whispering me as soon as I log in. I immediately feel overwhelmed and stressed. Maybe it’s just me, I don’t know.  I’m an independent sort, I need my space and time to do my own thing. I guess that’s part of the reason I don’t want to raid 4 nights … it takes away my ability to choose what I want to do that night.

Don’t get me wrong, though. I enjoy raiding, and I have a good time running heroics with my friends. I am happy to be in a such a large, active, friendly guild. (There were something like 8 people on yesterday during the day … I have been in guilds where that would be a record to have on at the same time. Trust me, this is way more fun.) I love having the option to raid, run dungeons, work on holiday achievements together, etc. But I am at heart an antisocial introvert. Please don’t hold that against me, just keep it in mind when I fail to say grats after every achievement that pops up in guild chat or decline the offer to fill a spot in a heroic.

And get off my lawn! Geesh

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18 Responses to “MMnO”

  1. Darthregis Says:

    You’re allowed some time to do stuff on your own. So, decline politely.

    “Get in vent, plz”
    “Busy, sorry. PFO.”

    “Come do AQ20 with us!”
    “Busy, sorry. PFO.”

    “Busy, sorry. PFO.”


  2. Analogue Says:

    I like to get in vent but hop down to an empty channel. That way if I’m afk someone can talk to me and I’ll hear it.

    I don’t play video games because I’m an extrovert…. if I were an extrovert I’d be outside harassing neighbors or something. Every time someone in guild makes my brother call me because they want to do something I wince…

  3. slice213 Says:

    Hmmm. Judges? Yup definitely a crabby old lady! lol jk

    I admit I am much the same way, there are times when you just want to get things done. 🙂

    Personal time/space is important for mental health!

  4. Arioch Says:

    Try putting your bank alt on DnD. If that doesn’t get you some breathing room, make a new bank alt and don’t share the name. If I’m on my bank alt I’m afk 3/4 of the time and not watching chat the other 1/4.

    I’ll log into vent for group activities, but honestly don’t like being in vent for more casual conversation. Several of my guildmates have craptastic mics or live in wind tunnels and it makes for an unpleasant listening experience for me.

  5. Marrcus Says:

    Yeah, I hate it when people whisper me out of nowhere and I have no clue who they are lol

  6. repgrind Says:

    Ahahahahah!! You are so bad. You’re darned lucky I answered your whisper, Mr. Sneaky!! 😛

    You logged off before I could shoot you a guild invite, too.

  7. Marrcus Says:


  8. repgrind Says:

    And it is moments (and friends) like this that make me glad that it’s NOT a single player game. 🙂

  9. Troutwort Says:

    Sweetie, you are silly. First off, I think you are awesome sauce. I mean come on, we punched crocs naked in Sholazar together. It doesn’t get much more awesome than that. B. I have a guild where people might not even know I’m the leader because I do so much on my own. Heck, I’ve leveled Elgar to within 2 million XP of 85 with just archaeology. Archaeology is not a group activity, so I certainly understand having a good time solo. #3. You are awesome and not a cranky lady. Sometimes we all want the kids to get off the lawn!

  10. gromdred Says:

    Generally agree with trout… But what’s wrong with being cranky once in awhile? Just don’t do it like I do… All the time 🙂

  11. Bartholemew the Halfling Paladin Says:

    I think you’re cranky.

    All the time. Don’t believe all that awesome-sauce crap. Definitely cranky.

  12. Falahla Says:

    I am SOOOO glad I’m not the only one!!! I feel the EXACT same way! I love doing stuff with guildies- I do (even if we wipe over and over and over- damn deadmines!) but sometimes I need to sit in the middle of Twilight Highlands fishing up guppies. Its just who I am. So feel better- you are not the only one!

  13. Analogue Says:

    Can all us introverts go start a guild somewhere called the “Get Off My Lawn Alts Club” and have an alt there for when we don’t want to be social? And then just tell people in realid that you’re being unsocial.

    Falahla – sorry for all the wipes last night, we did finally get that place finished though!

  14. gromdred Says:

    I’ll join 🙂

  15. Falahla Says:

    Analogue- no need to apologize for wipes! It happens! Unfortunately, because of my work schedule, I start falling asleep at the keyboard around 10. And I’m all about the “Get off My Lawn Alts Club”- all my hiding alts would finally have a guild!

  16. wolfgangcat Says:

    *gasp* you mean real people can whisper each other? I thought only gold sellers could do that!

    I don’t think I’d know what to do if I got a whisper from a real person 😀

    I’m a “loner” as well, but I like to keep guild chat rolling just to reassure myself that there are real people out there 😉

  17. lagalot Says:

    That got a lot easier for me when I figured out that pretty much everyone is cool with a two word reply ‘no thanks’. Although ‘get in vent plz’ outside a raid calls for some attitude imo, sounds a bit bossy, so ‘no?’. Some folks try to sucker you into confirming your availability before asking for something. Just cut them off immediately; “person> hey, are you doing anything? you> I’m not interested raiding/dungeons, sup?”. Idle chatter tell’s you can just flat out ignore without feeling guilty. No one really expects a response to stuff like “hey I got cool sword!” etc.

    I got this whole antisocial thing down good.

  18. Troutwort Says:

    Selv you were a pro. And yet, how is it we find ourselves missing someone so antisocial. That seems…oxymoronic?

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