BBQ Worm

Not the greatest of screencaps … no one seemed all that interested in photo ops for some strange reason. But the worm is now food.

STILL no hunter in the raid. The one we have wasn’t feeling well, so Analogue came in to boomkin. Cael, who was scheduled to be our holy priest, had a real life commitment, so we had another holy pally along. Naturally, this ensured that the drops would be a cloth helm with spirit, and hunter legs. We also happened to have an enhance shaman filling in, so at least the gear didn’t go to waste.

It was nice to get him down on my last night in the raid. I decided four nights in a row is a bit more than I want to commit to, especially since it requires multiple toons to be geared up. I don’t even have ONE fully geared yet! The other pally is geared and prepared to fill the role, so it works out quite nicely, really.

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6 Responses to “BBQ Worm”

  1. slice213 Says:

    Grats on the kill! Hope we can down him soon as well!

  2. Analogue Says:

    It was nice getting him down but I didn’t feel much excitement; funny how just coming in on a fight is so different from working with a group for multiple nights to do something. When we down Halfus this week I think it’ll be entirely different. Some of it, of course, is because the last boss I “worked” on was the Lich King and downing him was just such a rush. Not every boss can be like that.

    But – obviously – you put in the time on Magmaw and you should feel awesome. Those were some nice heals!

  3. repgrind Says:

    Heh. It takes a special kind of skill (or possibly idiocy) to down a boss while wearing green bracers. >.<

    Still can’t believe the damn things dropped right before the raid .. when I was on the wrong toon.

  4. koalabear21 Says:

    Grats on your kill!

    At least it is just your bracers. I’ve been healing Omni in a green quest reward chest piece.

  5. repgrind Says:

    Yeah I had a crafted green chest up until this week. I finally got off my arse and got revered with Earthen Ring so I could get the rep chest. Still have a crafted blue helm with no meta socket. /fail

  6. gromitdaddy Says:

    Grats on the first kill!

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