Going Holy

Last night, after having run a heroic on each of the 85s, I finished up the Pebble daily on Rags and was contemplating getting a regular run in. Unfortunately, it was a bit late, and though Reversion and Analogue were willing, we decided it would best be put off until today. Then, while I’m sitting on one of the Stormwind Keep ramparts just chatting with them, the party invite pops up on my screen.

It was from Cruelpally. And the group included a hunter that had just dinged 85, and Share’s mage who is 84 like me. Cool beans, he’s obviously planning on running a regular. So I swap specs and change vent channels.

I warn them when we zone in to HoO that this is my first dungeon as holy so there might be rough spots. I wasn’t too worried, really … the dungeons are a lot more forgiving on regular, especially when you have the best-geared paladin tank in the guild to drag you through. I knew Share could handle the CC just fine.

The first bit of  trash was just me casting Heal and playing with Chakra states, figuring out how each worked. Oh, and realizing that I had on DPS trinkets and had left my new Rainsong trinket in the mailbox. Uhhh … brb! I knew that the first boss … what’s his name again? Anhuur? Something like that. Snake pit dude … I knew he would be the deciding factor. If I succeeded on that fight and enjoyed it, my fate would be set.

Cruel pulls the boss. I set out a Lightwell.

You dps types, you all know how to click on  the lightwell now, yes? My guildies did, at least. Arc and Share both utilized it, as did I. It’s uber convenient when healing to be able to just click on that and not have to worry about healing myself. (not something I ever have to think about on the pally because of PotI)

Ok, so, knowing that as soon the next phase starts, there will be lots of AoE damage, not to mention the snakes, I put up the AoE Chakra. Once everyone has jumped down and are starting back up the stairs, I pop a Sanctuary on the platform, overlapping the bridge so the ranged can stand in the edge of it too.

Hit Circle of Healing and then start to fire up a Prayer of Healing. OMG. My screen is *already* filled with green numbers. Like EVERYWHERE. SQUEEEEEEE! Yup … I’m hooked from that point on. I can replace those disc glyphs now and not look back. I made some mention in guild  chat about all the pretty green numbers, and one of my resto druid friends lol’d and said ‘welcome to the world of raid healing’.

The boss with the Alpha and Omega stances? Yeah, that’s super easy with so many AoE heals at my disposal. Now, to be fair, this was on regular with a geared raid tank. But still ….

I did make one fail angel, on a boss that shoots fire at you. Or miniboss. Not even sure which it was. But my cpu lagged up right after I’d almost not moved out of one, and I was targeted again. Oh well. I flailed a bit and threw off some Greater Heals and PoHs before dying for reals. That was the only death in the entire instance … well, not counting an elevator death. That has nothing to do with healer failure. heh.

I got some nice things too. Blood of Isiset is a super sexy healy trinket. Paired with a Rainsong, I shouldn’t have too many mana issues to start with.

Hopefully tonight, Ana and Rev will still want to do one with their alts. I’m definitely looking forward to getting some more practice in. Maybe this time I’ll even figure out how to use Holy Word:Serenity … I kinda forgot that there was a counterpart to Sanctuary. Oh well, Cruel didn’t need the extra heals anyway. 😛


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11 Responses to “Going Holy”

  1. Analogue Says:

    Invariant is very sad. She ran a few quests at lunchtime and now has enough gear to get into all the top level regulars. Heroics are a long way off for her. I think she needs some love.

  2. gromitdaddy Says:

    Congrats on a good run and some good stuff!!

  3. gromitdaddy Says:

    And good luck this weekend with whichever toon you run!

  4. Reversionlfm Says:

    My spare Druid is ready for some regular runs. Got to get her into heroic level to I can get orbs and start making more shiny leather. Too bad I don’t have enough of a feral set to tank on her. I guess I will be a laser chicken.

  5. repgrind Says:

    Is Log gonna be around, or is he slacking on us again? If not, then Chill might be willing to tank. Or we could take our chances with LFD, too .. it’s *only* regular.

  6. Analogue Says:

    No clue, Log should be back at his place by now but I haven’t seen him around. He might be on this evening.

  7. wolfgangcat Says:

    Grats on a good run – and your trinket!

    Hmmmm…you’ve just about convinced me to dump Disc and give Holy a try. Just wish the game had some “training areas” to learn new specs before queuing for regular randoms. 😛

  8. slice213 Says:

    welcome to the cult of holy!

  9. repgrind Says:

    I’m thoroughly hooked, Slice. I find myself healing on the pally and wishing I had a lightwell and a cheap instacast AoE heal on a short cooldown. I’ve seen some complaints about CoH’s CD being 10s (8s if you’re in the AoE chakra), but Holy Radiance is 30s (with 3/3 Speed of Light talented) … and costs 11,600 mana.

    I did HoO again last night, and it was even more smooth than the last time. I’ve also done, um … I think Lost City and Grim Batol. Naturally, nothing has dropped for me. I crafted a 333 trinket and got myself to one point shy of heroics (not that being at 329 ilevel will mean I’m actually ready and capable of healing those).

  10. slice213 Says:

    /hands Rep some Koolaid.

    Indeed holy is fun and chock full of ZOMG green numbers all over the place. 🙂

    Indeed the Blood of Isiset and Rainsong is delicious. Defintely the heroic version of it and if you can the trinket from the last boss in Stonecore, or even better Tyrande’s favorite doll.

  11. repgrind Says:

    Oh yeah, I did Stonecore once, too. Didn’t drop.

    Kerick did Baradin Hold yesterday and got the Vicious Gladiator something something … the battlemaster trinket with 340 spirit. (it still feels freaking strange to be stacking spirit on a pally tho)

    I spent another two hours doing arch and keep getting gray crap after gray crap after gray crap. I’m totally after the Doll, and the sword, and the staff, and the ring, and the mount recipe, and …. argh! So many cool things, and sooooo dependent on RNG.

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