Cata: Day One

Despite having taken the day off, I was awake at my normal workday time and unable to get back to sleep. Check the tracking on my game delivery and it had just arrived in town. Unfortunately, it took three more hours for it to find its way onto a FedEx truck for delivery, so I spent the morning finishing Westfall on Kaedren. Hope, that was quite an act you put on, my dear. *sigh*

At 12:30 it finally came. I stuck some food in the mic because I knew I wouldn’t be getting up again for awhile, and sat down to open the box. Pretty cool, and oh look, I get a loot card! Redeem that, upgrade the account on and away we go. Kar was logged out just outside of Booty Bay, where he had been doing cloth turnins. He’s at the point where he’s free to come and go without being attacked, but no one will talk to him. Fortunately, Landro the TCG trade-in dude is not associated with BB, so I was able to turn in my code and receive the spectral tiger … no, not THE mount, the little riding toy one. Still cool though!

Then it was back to Stormwind to train all his professions, learn achaeology (Harrison Jones, yes!!!) and finally head to Vash’jir. Being the mount collector, Kar couldn’t pass up the seahorse mount, so the starting zone for him was decided long ago. Pretty cool zone, even with lots of people questing (other than Stormwind Helms … 1000 curses on Stormwind Helms grrrr). 46 quests in, he hit 81. Back to Stormwind to train and … let’s make a worgen! (altoholic? moi?? nevar)

So I logged on Kaladis and cleared out his bank and bags and sold or mailed everything including the clothes off his back. Say goodbye back in a few, delete, and reroll. I reused his name, but he is now a female worgen. I really love the female worgen model, and it was either this or the lock and … well … wait until you see the lock. (hawt) I only got to level 5 before Analogue and Reversion were on and ready to try dungeons. Back to Kar …

We picked up Log and Share and headed to Blackrock Caverns. Pretty cool I guess. I love the way the quests progressed. Oh, and the teleporter thingy to get to the quicksilver room. We missed that the first time and actually ran all the way back from the wipe. Yeah, we wiped a couple times learning that fight, but we went in cold with no knowledge of anything about the instance. We figured it out well enough, and decided to go try Throne of Tides as well.

Getting there might have proved to be a challenge, but Karius was hearthed at … someplace close to it. (Some shelf or ledge, idunno, all the places there seem to be named about the same) So he bravely rode his seahorse into the abyssal whirlpool thingy and popped out next to the stone. Nice. While the others were riding the ship and doing the first quest to get the Sea Legs buff, Eloen happened to log in … right beside me. Oh, hi El! Hey, want to be awesome and let us invite you to the group so you can help me summon people here? Yay!! We tried to get her to go along since Share had to leave,  but she was leveling with her parents and didn’t want to get ahead of them on XP. Dang Cael, you done taught that girl well! Then Multi logged on, so the problem of the last dps slot was solved.

Throne of Tides is awesomesauce. Hadn’t read a thing about it, didn’t know what to expect … holy cow was it cool. I got to practice some sheeping (yay humanoids, down with undead!). We got to die. We got to help out an elemental Lord. I got to cast some poorly aimed Flame Orbs that sat there not next to any mobs and did nothing. haha

Once that was done, it was back to Worgenville. I decided there was no better time than the present to use up that final character slot and roll my lock. Naturally, he’s totally hawt.

Hm, I really should have dressed him in his starting robe for that. It’s quite sexy. Although the blue goes well with his eyes, doesn’t it. Yeaaah, so … this is Korgus. The second time through the first five levels was better, I read the stuff more closely and got further along. The storyline is great, and having already done Silverpine, that helped me understand some of the things that happen.

Amazingly enough, all his minions got great names (not that I remember them now of course). He got to level 10 and got his felguard before I finally decided I’d better get some sleep. haha.

I *think* I will be taking Kerick to Hyjal tonight. So many things to do!


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26 Responses to “Cata: Day One”

  1. slice213 Says:

    Worgen! Woot! eeerrrr Woof! I got mine to lvl 6 before I had to leave to level! quest arghh the bane of my existance!

  2. Analogue Says:

    Those dungeons runs last night were so much fun, even wiping while we figured out the molten boss. That encounter was our only wipe, even if everyone but Reversion died at least once on the final encounter in Throne of Tides (but hey, he can rez so who cares right?)

  3. Troutwort Says:


    Also good times with Worgen, I saw a video of the start zone at some point a while back, but I’ll get around to it…after archeology.

  4. ReversionLFM Says:

    You know what? I was half way though one of those runs… not sure which. before I realized that flame orb was something ‘friendly’. I was like “gee a lot of these things seem to cast that…. oh wait! oops!”

  5. ReversionLFM Says:

    So that last fight was one of those wild moments I will never forget. There we were, all the adds down standing around Neptulon going, “huh… that is odd… why is the floor stuff still here? These stacks are getting high.” Then Log said he had some thing targetted but was not sure where it was. I had him selected and was trying to type /assist when he dropped. Fortunatly some randomly hopping around and hitting ‘tab’ located that thing and Analogue was able to pull out so uber heals long enough for us to gett’er done.

  6. Gromdred Says:

    Sounds like fun! Remember, you can always call on me to fill in a dps slot ;). If apathy is doing anything fun like that, they’re sure not telling anyone. Wallayce is up to 10 now, and ready to quest with anyone.

  7. repgrind Says:

    Anything fun like what? The dungeons? That wasn’t really planned, we just sort of went ‘oh we have lots of people on let’s get a group together’ .. you weren’t online. *shrug*

  8. Gromdred Says:

    How do you turn in a loot card? Battle net said it wasnt a valid code 😦

  9. repgrind Says:

    Uhh … maybe you typed it in wrong? I dunno, I just followed the instructions on the card. Did you go to

  10. Gromdred Says:

    I figured it wasnt planned… But i do occasionally like the unplanned… Breaks up the monotony. All i was saying is that it sounded like fun whereas the other guild seems to be all about getting there as fast as possible… I bet most of them cant remember most of the quests they’ve done. There so intent on levelling so they can start raiding that basic politeness is again somewhere out the window and over the rainbow

  11. Troutwort Says:

    I just realized….worgen in dresses look kinda….funny. Their legs are so spread!

  12. slice213 Says:

    lol *looks at Rep’s Screenie* Yup I agree with Trout. *bad mental images and comments* Must behave!

  13. repgrind Says:

    Look out … that’s a warlock you’re messin with, not some pansy wansy bubble prie … er, I mean, oh yeah, hey, that does look pretty funny. haha .. hah .. ha … *gulp*

  14. Troutwort Says:

    *beep beep beep* corruption *beep beep* from inside the dress.

  15. slice213 Says:

    Is that a tail or are you just happy to see me? *yes bad joke but you all were thinking it!”

  16. Analogue Says:

    Tonight. Karius, Analogue, Reversion, Logarithm? Elgar? Multi? Whoever? Some dungeons somewhere, preferably cold but I suppose by now too many people have seen them.

    But they have to let Rev tank and me heal, we’re trying to learn all our skills :-p

  17. repgrind Says:

    Karius or Kerick would both be interested. How far behind am I on Kerick now? He’s halfway to 81, he did get to do BRC last night but hasn’t been to Throne yet. He got summoned to Stonecore so he’s discovered the entrance but is too low level for it to show up on his dungeon finder. haha.

    Kar has done Stonecore but I’m good at not giving away what I’ve seen if you want to do it cold. No worries. He’s too low to do the quest inside it though. LOL. Cruel kinda carried me along last night. 😉

  18. Analogue Says:

    We are just barely 82 and won’t be on until after work, maybe 5:30-6 server time. So I dunno, are you leveling Kerick today or working?

  19. repgrind Says:

    Well, I’m at work, but I’m going to this luncheon today so I will probably take the rest of the day off after we return from that. I have 3.5 hours of leave yet to take.

    Kar is at 75% to 82 and Kerick is at 55% to 81 … hopefully they can both level tonight. We’ll see.

  20. Analogue Says:

    You should bring Karius for his epic CC skills. Lots and lots of turtles in our future, I think…

  21. repgrind Says:

    Was kinda fun in Stonecore last night with Karius and Arcanus both there … double sheep, except mine are turtles and his are rabbits. hehe

  22. gromitdaddy Says:

    Gromdred would be interested. I would hope to be on by 7, but probably closer to 8 server. If you have a slot open, I’d love to join you.

  23. Analogue Says:

    No worries Grom, we’ll probably be up for multiple runs this weekend – just ask!

  24. Gromdred Says:

    I did ask, rushed to be on by the time i said, then sat for a couple hours, only to have everyone either log off without a word, or just stop talking period. And we wont even talk about the other guild. Oh well, so much for that.

  25. repgrind Says:

    Grom, I don’t know wtf you want me to say. I wasn’t in charge, I was along for the ride. I didn’t even know you had arranged to go along through the comments on here until I got to work and saw the comment thread this morning (No, I don’t check this or email or anything else when I’m at home .. that’s play time.) Part of the problem when you do group content is getting everyone on the same schedule. Members of the group were already chafing at the bit and complaining about it getting late even before the time you wanted to start, partly because we’re an hour ahead of server, so 8 for you is 9 here and that’s kinda late to start stuff. I don’t think anyone anticipated being stuck in Stonecore for 2 hours because we had no such problems with BRC or Throne of Tides … they took much less time. I’m sorry it didn’t work out but holy hell, it’s not the last dungeon we’ll ever run.

  26. Gromdred Says:

    I know that. This was the only place i could reply to analogue in context. I think the only thing that really bothered me (i figured i was nothing more than a maybe alternate), was that nobody said anything to the guy in waiting that the evening was over. As you know, i get plenty of that in the other guild.

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