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Big K Triple Play

November 22, 2010

Kalyon – Tank

Karius – DPS

And now ….

Kerick – Healer

We’ll just ignore the fact that I spent most of phase three on the floor, watching Reversion reposition the LK every time Vile Spirits came out. I managed to run into several of them early on and get blown up. I almost feel like I don’t deserve Valius, but it’s sooooo pretty.

 Everyone was psyched up, and for good reason … after all, we had just gotten the title for 3 more alts AND one person that didn’t have it at all yet. (Grats Share! /hugs) I think it was also the third title for Cyla as well, although two of hers were DPS. It may not be unique, I’m sure there are others who have done it, but it feels pretty cool to have the title on all three roles. I may not be Teh Best!!1!!1! at any one thing, but I do them all well enough to perform whatever the raid needs. Hey, what can I say, I’m a big fan of utility. You can ask my fellow raiders, they’ll tell you how often I’ve bragged about leading the interrupts meter. LOL!

So anyway, with plenty of raid time left since LK was the only boss we’d had up in ICC, we decided to head over to Ruby Sanctum and give that a shot.  I don’t know if we were just ‘on’ or if it’s a product of working together on the same team for a little while now or what, but … it took very few tries. I’d never even been past phase 2 before!

It’s kind of a shame that hardly anyone ever runs this place. But, well … I guess a lot of people are more driven by gear than by a desire to kill dragons for the fun of it. You know what would make it better? There should totally be a Halion mount. Come on, look how pretty he is! I’d totally ride that.


Sword and Board

November 19, 2010

I mentioned earlier in the week that Sanbec finally decided to try out that tank spec he’s been sitting on since dual spec was reduced to 100g. Let’s pick up the story where I left off in that other post.

So, I grabbed Sanbec to go along to Shadow Labs with Chan and a couple of level 70-somethings. Sure, we  could have done it fine with Chan and Kar, but I figured since the lower levels would be drawing aggro from everything, it might be safer to have a plate class along, even one that doesn’t really know what he’s doing.

I didn’t take time to pull my gear out of the bank. With the way things are now, I’m uncrittable from talents, plus, you know … it’s Shadow Labs … on regular. As long as I have the 1H and shield, I’m good to go .. plus stuff will die faster.

Now, obviously, I know how to tank. (some of the people in the 5 mans Kaly has tanked might disagree though) So it wasn’t a matter of learning how to tank, so much as it was learning what abilities I have and what buttons to push on a warrior.

Charge, rend*, thunder clap … maneuver stuff around if necessary to get it all in front of me and …. BAM! shockwave! Oh look, revenge procced. Hit that, then a shield slam, ooh another revenge and … what’s this? Sword and Board?? Oh, you like the taste of the shield so much you wanted another shield slam, eh? Ok! That pretty much covers trash. Maybe throw some devastate in on bosses to get sunders up.

Shield bash crap that tries to cast spells, heroic throw if a caster somehow ends up out of melee range. It does take a little more finesse to group things up on the warrior … it’s not like I can just death grip stuff to me like Kaly can. But once they’re where I want them …. well, I giggle a little bit every time I do this ….

After we finished in Shadow Labs, I went on my own to Underbog. I cleared that out, then the next night I did Slave Pens and Steamvaults. Wednesday night I did Escape from Durnholde (aka Old Hillsbrad). Later the same night I went to Old Hillsbrad on Kaly.  He didn’t worry so much about positioning … drop a DnD and hit Blood Boil as many times as you can and stuff is stuck on him from all directions.  Sure, he steamrolled it just as easily if not even more easily than San, but … teh shockwave, it is teh fun!

*I know at least one person who thinks that the Blood and Thunder talent  (spreads rend to all targets within range when you thunder clap) is not worth picking up for prot. My position is this … he’s talking about threat building/survivability for raid tanking and says it doesn’t do enough threat to make it worth spending points in. Well, that’s fine, but … I’m not raid tanking right now … I’m soloing old content. Therefore, the more AoE damage I can put out, the better. Also, from the sound of things, prot may be the way to level in Cata, so again … the more damage I can cause to whatever I’m killing, the better.

I also had five hanging talents that I dumped into … meh, let me look them up. Blood Craze and Field Dressing. I figure if I’m running solo, the more I can buff my self-healing the better. I also put Lifeward on my Rimefang’s Claw. Is it worth it? Hell if I know, but it’s an improvement over the nonexistent enchant that was on it before. :p

If any of y’all prot warriors out there think I’m doing it wrong or have any advice, I wouldn’t mind hearing it. I’m still too green at it to subject myself to any randoms, but if I could convince guildies to do something … well, I do have a shiny new 251 tank chest to try out. 😉

Ancient Hysteria

November 17, 2010

Saturday I was goofing around not really doing much and decided to check my friends list to see who was on. Ooh, hey, check that out. Jorlex is on … and he’s in Molten Core! *whisper whisper*  Not only does he have room, but he’s got a lock there who can summon. Win!

So I hopped over to Juna. Yeah, that’s right … Jor transferred over to the Dark Side awhile back, along with his girl Lanta. They were both there and it was totally awesome to get to hang out with them again. They had just downed Executus and were on the way to Rag, so I missed most of the place (and missed out on the Leaf boo) but I got the achievement AND got something even cooler.

I’d been contemplating going to Azuremyst to get the white core hound, but it’s such a distance to travel for a Hordie. The green ones are just .. well, put it this way, if I had tamed one of them, I would name it Snotball. The actual original Core Hound is the coolest, plus he matches my core hound pup. He still needs a  name, though. Any suggestions?

We took a break for a little bit after that. I took that time to activate my as-yet-unused second spec and put in a group-oriented, DPS-focused talent setup. The first spec is chock full of soloing/questing stuff like Pathfinding (mounted speed increase) and Hunter vs. Wild (stamina increase).  And also took some time to watch L80ETC practice in the Grim Guzzler. Then once Jor and Lanta were done with lunch, we went to ZG.

Hakkar’s mind control is always such fun. I love my ice trap … especially when I get to trap my friends in it. Hey Jor, feeling a little frozen there?

Good times. BTW, you see that lovely heroism debuff there? (bloodlust for Horde, yeah, sorry, I play mostly Alliance) You’ll notice that the party consists of paladin, priest, and hunter. No shamans to be found. Which brings us to the title of the post. Ancient Hysteria is the shiny new core hound-only special ability … which does exactly what herolust does and shares the same cooldown. Awesome, eh? 😀

Thanks again for dragging me along, it’s great to have friends on both sides of the server, and I have so much fun with you guys.

Oh yeah, Juna finished off Keymaster and Seeker over the weekend as well.

Czar of Sporeggar

November 16, 2010

I finally got around to finishing up some rep grinds on Karius. Sunday I headed out to Underbog to farm up some Sanguine Hibiscus. The Sporeggar rep adds up really fast that way, much faster than doing the kill naga quest, especially if you are an herbalist and can see where the hibiscus are, and are capable of soloing the instance on regular.

I cleared the place out, then reset and started on a second run, when Chan asked in gchat if anyone wanted to run Shadow Lab on regular. I figured hey, why not, I’m out here anyway. So I teleported back to Shatt and joined the party. While waiting, I noticed a huge stack of Marks of Sargeras in the gv. Hmmmm …. grab the stack, fly up to the top, bam bam bam bam! Exalted. Too bad the Aldor tabard looks horrible with my robes.

Then I checked my status with Lower City and realized I wouldn’t get anything running SLabs on regular, and also noticed we didn’t have a tanky type in the party. Hmmmm …. *light bulb over head* I told Chan I was switching toons.

(Insert future blog post about Sanbec learning to tank here)

Soooo….cut ahead several hours and two clears of Underbog on two OTHER toons later. Kar now has a HUUUUUUUGE stack of Hibiscus. Off to Sporeggar.

Yes, three achievements in one there. Czar of Sporeggar, The Diplomat, and 25 Exalted Reputations. I had to spend an hour last night picking glowcaps though in order to buy the pet and tabard. And you know what? They changed it so glowcaps don’t show up on Find Herbs! Jerks. Oh well. Isn’t the Tiny Sporebat just adorable?

And yeah, the Sporeggar tabard looked bad with my robes, too, so I went back to the Cenarion Expedition one. :p