What a Weekend!

Oh my. I did SO MANY THINGS this weekend. I really should split this into about four different posts. I definitely am splitting it into separate sections for different toons. How about we start with Friday night.


Since Karius got his Kingslayer last weekend, this week Analogue and Reversion invited Kerick to take his place.  As we gather at Light’s Hammer, I am informed that I will be the hybrid. Uhwut? lol. I’d never gotten to ret inside anything other than randoms. My gear is decent enough .. 2pc T10, a 251 weapon, a Whispering Fanged Skull. Even if I’m not actively using the spec, I take pride in having everything set to go, and that includes being right at the hit and expertise caps through gemming and reforging.

It went pretty well. I wasn’t topping any meters, but I wasn’t hurting the group, either. We downed Marrowgar and I got a sweet, sweet  Citadel Enforcer’s Claymore…heroic version. I don’t know whether I have expressed it previously, maybe I did in one of Sanbec’s leveling posts, but I have always been a fan of big 2H swords. The axes that are so numerous in Wrath do nothing for me. My DKs *always* choose the sword at the end of the starting area. I’ve dreamt of Ashkandi ever since I first saw this video. So yeah …

I swapped to healing for Deathwhisper on Heroic, then back to ret for Lootship. Then back to healing again. I *think* I healed the rest of the night. I don’t remember now. But at least I got to ret for a bit. And it was fun.

Ok, now …. this one is for those of you who think holy pallies are somehow gimped and are but a shadow of their pre-4.0 selves.

Yes, that was Dreamwalker*. Ok, so maybe it IS the only time I can lead the meters and put up those numbers. But still … there is proof that awesomeness is still attainable. It just takes a little adjustment and learning how and when to use different spells than before.

Saturday night we picked it back up on Sindragosa. You know how OP Protector of the Innocent is? On one of our wipes I was the only one left alive … and I stood in front of her and spammed FoL on myself and could have kept myself up until I ran out of mana if I had wanted to. Hmm .. maybe I should have put that in secret code or something. I don’t want Blizz to find out about it! GC, don’t nerf me, brah!

We got her down after a few tries and moved on to LK. I have just one thing to say about healing that.

I HATE INFEST!!!!!!!!!

Actually, I’ve found that I can take care of every other infest in phase one all by myself with a single Light of Dawn as long as I position myself just behind the ranged clump. Yes, you read that correctly … I’ve found an actual USE for that AoE cone heal. Situational, yes, but still … it’s a cool spell when the stars line up right.

We had some issues while people learned the fight in new roles .. myself included. Cruel … I was going to cleanse you, honestly … I would *never* let you die on purpose. Well, maybe I would, but not when you’re actually needed and it’s going to lead to a wipe.  ^.^

Grom provided some entertainment while we were eating and buffing up.

We made third phase a couple times, and our best attempt put him at 23%, but we just weren’t able to seal the deal this week. We’ve extended for Friday.

Sunday I spent a few hours exploring the Eastern Kingdoms. I started in the Wetlands and worked my way north. I took a virtual crapton of screenshots of places that are likely to change in three weeks. (Three weeks?! OMG is Cata really that close?!?!?) I could crash y’alls browsers if I posted all of them, so instead I just chose my favorite one to show here.

Impressive, isn’t it? I haven’t spent a lot of time in Loch Modan or the Wetlands, but even so, it takes my breath away every time I see it. Too bad it will be destroyed soon. I think that alone is enough to anger my toons and give them a reason to pursue Deathwing’s demise.

OMG, this is long already and I still have like 3 or 4 toons to write about! I guess you’re getting a series of posts this week. Tune in tomorrow for more. :p

*edited. Dreamwalker not Deathwhisper. oops. Blame Hartbane


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11 Responses to “What a Weekend!”

  1. Analogue Says:

    I think you won the meters on Dreamwalker too: I know I stunk at the orbs this week for some reason. It was fun healing with you! And thanks for being all ret-tastic. I will note that I switched to dps on Saurfang when we needed more ranged so at least I’m not forcing people to do things I won’t do!

  2. repgrind Says:

    That shot shows only the meter from Dreamwalker. I guarantee you blew me away on everything else. :p

    You know, Multi has a holy/ret also. Maybe he’d be interested in swapping roles next time we start fresh. I’ve get enough points to replace San’s 2 pc T9 with the other 2 pieces of T10 …

  3. Analogue Says:

    Ah, you said Deathwhisper in your post. Yeah, my hots are a bit…. ridiculous right now. I know the nerf is coming, sigh…

    I like that idea and I bet Multi will too! Only problem is scheduling… not sure how many can play the weekend after Thanksgiving. We can but who knows what everyone else has planned. So we might only get one real raid between now and Cataclysm….

  4. repgrind Says:

    fixed. >.>

    Thanksgiving = 4 day weekend for me = 4 days of nothing but WoW! Last year it was four days of farming Strat for the mount that I STILL don’t have. /sigh

    The guild is big enough, I’d bet we can make something work for that week. If not … there are always other things we can run.

  5. lagalot Says:

    I think Dreamwalker can be healed without using the portals at all now. The time inside the portal you arn’t healing the dragon, so what if you just stayed out and blasted her nonstop?

  6. repgrind Says:

    I dunno … don’t the stacks buff your heals? Or is it purely an mp5/regen buff? brb wowhead …

    yeah … each stack increases healing by 10%. That’s pretty huge. So even if I could be guaranteed to not go oom if I stayed out .. well, there’s no way I would not go oom if I stayed out. I just don’t have enough throughput without stacks of Emerald Vigor.

  7. repgrind Says:

    Speaking of Light of Dawn … did anyone see the changes they made to it in the next beta build? o.O

    Now consumes Holy Power instead of mana, and heals the five most injured targets instead of everyone in the cone (six when glyphed). So much for my instant infest cure … but it should make it usable much more often instead of just in this one situation.

  8. Analogue Says:

    We have to split our four days off between WoW and NaNoWriMo (and at least enough attention to Nomster that she doesn’t try to chew her way out of her pen and run away) so we should be down for a lot. Weird PUG raids with alts and trade chat people? Overgearing Old Content? Saving the World? It’s all good…

  9. Gromdred Says:

    It was a good and enjoyable run for me too! I’m kind of hoping that my h guild takes thanksgiving weekend off :). Of course, thanksgiving day works for me… For once we aren’t seeing ANY family. WOOT!!!
    Glad i could provide some entertainment 🙂

  10. repgrind Says:

    OMG I just realized that Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK! Pilgrim’s Bountry starts this weekend .. and the 4th phase of the elemental invasion started TODAY!!! SQUEEEEE!!11!!1!

  11. I Have to Agree « Dark Retribution Says:

    […] Repgrind in this post here.  Big, two-handed swords are simply the way to go.  I’ts one thing for a dwarf warrior to […]

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