Pally vs. Priest

A couple days ago, Slice posted about being a little burned out on healing. It just so happens that I heal on the same two classes/specs. So I’m just going to discuss both of them a little bit.

I healed back to back nights of ICC10 this week, one on the pally and one on the disc priest. It’s funny how the groups shake out when you do them by open signups on the calendar. Wednesday night we had something like 3 pallies, 3 druids, 2 shaman, a mage, and a lock … last night we had 2 priests, 2 mages, 2 rogues (until one swapped to his pally), a warrior, a DK, a hunter, and a shaman.


Perhaps the fact that I started healing late in the expansion has something to do with it, but I’ve gotten past the whole flailing thing on the pally. True, his throughput is not as powerful as it once was. And I’ve never been great at getting the orbs, so I was pleasantly surprised at the end of Dreamwalker to see that I was neck and neck with the most excellent shaman who went into the portals with me.

The shaman who was with us last night had not done the fight and wasn’t comfortable with the whole portal thing, so they sent me instead, alongside the holy pally. Now, Greater Heal is awesome and all, but other than Power Infusion, I don’t really have any cooldowns to boost my throughput. The pally, on the other hand, has Divine Favor (further enhanced by the 2pc T10 bonus), Avenging Wrath, and of course, Lay on Hands. Still, I didn’t do too bad, and I got a lot more orbs after having practiced the night before. Is it just me, or did they make those easier to build up?

Advantage: Paladin (like you needed me to tell you that)

Sindragosa gauntlet

So, I have this really fun game that I played both nights on the gauntlet. I put myself on autofollow behind my favorite tank and let him drag me around between the spiders while I cast instant cast spells and ate Doritos. >.>

On the paladin, this mostly consisted of Holy Shocks and Word of Glory, with an occasional Light of Dawn when I felt like it, and maybe a Holy Wrath here and there, because AoE dps is teh fun. There was plenty of time for eating chips.

The priest though …. I didn’t eat at all. I was too busy yelling ‘squeeeeee’ as I  pressed Holy Nova on every GCD and watched my screen fill with both green AND yellow numbers, as well as seeing the entire raid be covered in Divine Aegis bubbles. Oh, and as a bonus … autofollowing a charging warrior is more fun than autofollowing a running pally.

Advantage: Priest

In all seriousness though, they both do fine and are both fun for different reasons. Disc is never going to be ideal for a fight that requires healing throughput like Dreamwalker, because mitigation is its specialty. But other than the odd and extremely unusual case like that one, they both can handle pretty much any assignment you give them.

By the way, anyone else notice that they increased the range on most spells? Rags can smite the axethrowers on lootship, and Kar has a 40 yard range for his arcane spells where he used to have to spend talents just to get 36. Throw in the auto-slow from Nether Vortex, and kiting things as arcane has never been easier. He gets his turn at ICC tonight.

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9 Responses to “Pally vs. Priest”

  1. Troutwort Says:

    Mind Flay to 40 yards!!! 😀 I still remember shadow priests dying on Kara because they had to get within 20 yards to Mind Flay the Prince. He he. 40 yards is welcomed.

  2. slice213 Says:

    Nicely written 🙂

    Yup Pally has the advantage over the Disc priest for dreamwalker for sure! yes, bubble bursting is annoying but once ya get used to it, it gets easier I have found that swimming thru thru the upper half of it makes them easier to grab. I think Tues night I got up to 35 stacks of the stuff.

  3. repgrind Says:

    You know, now that I think about it …. I probably should have smited a few suppressors so I could pop Archangel … my healing output would suffer during the 5x smites, but the extra 15% healing for 18s would probably have surpassed it. Then again, if I end up in a portal for most of those 18s … I’d have to really time it right. Maybe just chaining Greater Heal is still better. Also if I had my haste helm gemmed and enchanted, and swapped in the trinket that had a haste proc … hindsight, eh?

  4. slice213 Says:

    lol indeed indeed.

    Yes popping archangel would have to be well timed. Power Infusion would also help as well, but would have to time it well when you need it most as it is only once evey 2 min, Popping at the beginning and once again when ready to lust = money.

    If I went in the portal as disc, I would prob use PI at the beginning, bubble someone for BT and GH. And rince and repeat. Then when right before popping into the portal, PoM dreamwalker and Renew.

    I do find it amusing when healing Dreamwalker on Pally…FoL is king lol.

  5. Troutwort Says:

    Don’t forget that one….the one where you get free cast but has 25% chance to crit with GH. It’s only on a 45 second cooldown (I think). What the crap is that spell called?

  6. repgrind Says:

    Inner Focus. Yeah, I did use that one. I just forgot to mention it.

  7. Troutwort Says:

    I think Inner Focus has a much shorter cooldown than it used to now. Did I dream that or is it really just a 45 second cooldown?

  8. repgrind Says:

    It really is just a 45 second cooldown.

  9. gromitdaddy Says:

    Good read and nicely written. I cant speak to healing stuff, someday somebody will have to teach me how to do it, but i especially liked the part about follow and eating chips :). But a really nice write up

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