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Guess Who’s Back

October 19, 2010

Back Again

Kerick’s Back

Tell A Friend

Oh come on … you knew as well as I did that it wouldn’t last.

After downing Arthas on Sunday night, that left group one with open plans for Monday night. Several people have been interested in doing the Uldy achievements for awhile now, and a few more have decided it’s a good idea since they want 310 flight. So we figured out who all wanted to go and what toons they would bring. Because of Karius and Kaly already having violet protos, and also the need for a healer, I said I’d bring Kerick.

Now that I’ve had a chance to really play around with it … omg. Holy is teh awesome! As awesome as smite healing? Well, maybe not. It’s two completely different styles. I did not take Renounce and have no plans of working exorcism into my healing. It might be fun in dungeons but for raids? I’m too busy casting heals.

Razorscale: Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare. We had three tanks picking stuff up, since the main idea is to hold the adds for Razor to finish off with her breath. Beacon one, and with Protector of the Innocent, I’m healing that tank, myself, and whoever I directly heal. The fight takes forever to get all 25 … actually, we had to wipe to the berserk timer a couple times in order to get all that we needed.

That proc that causes the next holy shock to not initiate a cooldown? DO LOVE! I mostly threw around holy shocks, and used holy lights whenever the other thing that causes it to cast really fast procced (yes, my terms are so technical. WTB Holy Paladin spells and procs that don’t all have similar names so that I can remember which one does what!) Word of Glory on three stacks of Holy Power. Divine Light when a bigger heal was needed. And best of all … when Razor is grounded and the tanks are in front of her with the adds, a Light of Dawn aoe cone right when she breathes … screen full of green numbers zomg!

Anyway … we had a great time and knocked off a half dozen of the drake achievements. Later this week I’ll get my first taste of cleansing Fusion Punch. Owait .. maybe I should have stayed retired. lol


Hi Ho the King is Dead

October 18, 2010

Nothing from me today. My computer crashed late last night and rather than reboot to send myself screenshots, I went to bed. Please visit my friends Analogue and Reversion for the account of last night’s wonderful Lich King kill.

And to my buddy Grom …. it’s finally over. Maybe not the way we envisioned it when we first met 8 months ago, but …. well, to be honest, back then I didn’t truly count getting him down to be amongst my obtainable goals. Once I realized that it WAS within reach, things started to fall apart, and … ah well, that’s all behind us now. Congrats, my friend, it was truly deserved and I’m very happy that I could be there with you. HUGS!!!

‘Real’ post coming tomorrow.

Crits ‘N P’s

October 15, 2010

So I logged on last night and the first thing I did was fine-tune the mage and DK, then test them out in a couple of dungeons each. They both are sporting some mastery in their DPS sets now and putting out more than respectable amounts of damage.

Satisfied that the future of my co-mains is secure, I logged over to Kerick and attempted to get Clique to work with the new default raid frames. Um … yeah. I have no idea if I did it wrong or what, but I couldn’t get it to work. Since I had already downloaded the updated Healbot before logging on, I relogged to turn off Clique and activate Healbot. Then I set about binding new spells … let’s see, Holy Shock can stay on the same bind, but what should replace FoL and Holy Light now that the names are different? And what about WoG? There’s not space for all this crap! Oh, and Cleanse will have to be moved to Decursive like it is for the priest and …

I got it mostly set up before deciding that I just plain had no clue what to do with the spells. I was comfortable in my super-tank-healer niche. Perhaps if I had a feel for ret when I tested that out, I’d be more motivated to relearn Holy. As it is now though, I just stare at my spellbook and am overcome with despair. So when the raid that Karius was signed up for fell through, I signed him up for the 25 man for tonight instead of Kerick, and put my formerly well-loved paladin on the shelf. (I will not cry, I will not cry, I will not  c …. awww dammit. brb)

15 or 20 minutes later …

I logged onto Rags to set up his talents and stuff. Now, there was a reason I saved the priest for last, and it wasn’t just because he’s the newest 80. I had a feeling that this would happen all along, just from the things I had read and seen about priests in a post-4.0 world. But I’m getting ahead of myself here …

I put in his disc talents, minus the last couple of points that I couldn’t quite decide what to do with. I tossed in some glyphs, including the wonderful glyph of divine accuracy that magically hit-caps smite. I double-checked healbot to make sure my spells were bound that way I wanted them. Then I rode over to the training dummies. Smite x3, hit Archangel and … I scared the dog right off the bed when I squealed. This is what happens when you activate Archangel …

To say that I am smitten would be an understatement. Throw in PW:Barrier and lots of bubbles and penanace and … well, disc is teh win. Another priest wanted to come along though, so I did a few dungeons as shadow as well. 

We zoned into the first one with me still putting spells on my bars and applying glyphs. lol. My dps kinda sucked and I tried to blame it on not having any hit on my healing gear .. until I looked at my paper doll and realized that the talent that converts spirit to hit gave me 21% hit rating. Um … ok fine, I just suck.  haha. But once I get some upgrades and learn how to play it, it will be fine. The shadow orb animation is quite cool. But it wasn’t until we got into HoR and I got to practice proccing Shadowy Apparitions that I really got into it. My dungeonmates were all up in vent going ‘where did all those Ragles come from that went walking by me!’ and I was totally lmao.

So … I’m putting in a motion to change the unofficial guild motto from Crits and Pallies to Crits and Priests. :p

DKs are alright

October 14, 2010

Logged on last night and was able to cut gems again. So Karius got his int/spirit gems replaced with int/hit and the spirit on his cloak reforged to hit, and he’s now hit-capped and ready to raid. Well, except for not having all of his glyphs filled out, but he’s got the damage increasing ones in place. 

Then, instead of testing a fire spec, I hopped over to Kaly. His tank spec was already taken care of the night before. No real issues there, other than finding where the waves have spawned in the first section of CoS sucks without DBM, and running the gauntlet as a blood DK tank still sucks as much as it did before.  I did get a lot of practice at hitting blood boil.

So .. DPS specs. He’d been unholy for awhile so I started with that. Had some fun on the dummies, turning my ghoul into a big ugly. But in a dungeon setting, stuff all dies too fast before I get it built up enough to unleash him. Also, I just couldn’t figure out the new rotation with festering strike. Cael was telling me what I should be doing, which was kinda cute since his DK has  been 80 for a whole week now. To be fair though, he DID read the EJ threads, so at least he was informed and not just pulling it out of …

Ahem. Anyway, I decided that unholy just didn’t feel right anymore. Plus the procs were kinda ugly and boring. So I did something that I’ve been looking forward to trying out ever since I heard they were going to attempt to make it viable … I specced 2H frost. Yes, yes, I KNOW that DW frost is ‘the way to go.’ But I don’t care. I spent 25 saronites (back when they weren’t cheap) to get my Shadow’s Edge forged and I’m damn well gonna use it. Plus, the procs are pretty.

The DK tanks that I know who weren’t already blood before the patch are having some troubles adjusting. I remember what it was like when I first went blood a couple of months ago. That finger that was always itching to hit howling blast … yah … now that itch has been taken care of. I’m doing 4.5-5k in heroics as 2H frost.  That’s good enough for me. Plus the spec is just plain FUN.

Paladins … yeah let’s not go there. I hope to have a working healbot tonight, because I tried a dungeon without it last night and it was … ugly. I was way too confused over the new spells to even bother trying to download vuhdo or clique. So I healed by clicking on the party member and then using keybound spells on the action bar. It worked but … there were a couple different times people died because I was sitting there going ‘omg omg I have like 4 different spells I could use here which one do I hit and where did I keybind it aaaaaaahhhhhhhh!’ SO … yeah. I really wish the priest was geared for raids because I have a feeling I’m going to get the hang of disc LONG before I ever feel comfortable with the pally again.