So, after servers came back up last night the first thing I did was hop on Karius. Despite the many toons I’ve been playing lately, he’s still technically the main … also, mages didn’t have as big of changes as some of my other classes.

I put together an arcane spec, checked out my gear, and realized that the 11% hit I have was perfect back when I got 6% hit from talents .. now, notsomuch. So I went to replace my int/spirit gems with int/hit gems … and found the link to Kaly’s jewelcrafting was nonexistant. Ok, skip that then. Let’s hit a dungeon!

The new power aura-like spell proc indicators are awesomesauce. Here’s the one for missiles.

I went with hitting missiles whenever it lit up instead of after 4 blasts because … well, it’s a heroic. I was pulling 5.5k dps without trying. Mages are … dare I say it? … a little bit OP. I chose to skip the improved arcane explosion in favour of invocation because the ability to counterspell effectively is going to be much more valuable in Cata than faster low-threat AoE. Seriously.

Afterwards, I put together a frost spec to try in the next dungeon. Now, I thought the missiles proc was cool, but it was nothing compared to the FoF and Brain Freeze procs.Ā  This shot has them both procced at the same time.

And, for extra coolness, here is a Brain Freeze proc surrounding the totally awesome PW:Barrier that our pug disco priest laid down for us.

Tonight I might try a fire spec for a dungeon to see what those procs look like. Crazy as it sounds, I may end up playing the classes/specs with the most fun procs, because I’m totally loving the new displays.

Also … running around trying these new things with guildies = pure win. It feels good to be back home.

*p.s. the edits in the chat screens of the frost shots are just RealID friends logging in/out.


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12 Responses to “Procs!”

  1. DarthRegis Says:

    “Mages are ā€¦ dare I say it? ā€¦ a little bit OP”


    (Bliz might hear!) :O

  2. gromdred Says:

    very cool! I’m looking forward to working on either of my mages after this. My pally main? meh. not so good. I guess I’m close on spec, but I just feel like a complete idiot noob. dungeon dps was all over the board last night, and nothing made sense.

  3. repgrind Says:

    Yeah … I haven’t even looked at Kerick yet. I’m a bit scared of all the changes. Holy power? Multiple spells to cast? No more spamming holy light? What is this I don’t even ….

    I am TOTALLY looking forward to removing Pally Power from my addons folder FOREVER though.

  4. gromdred Says:

    interesting though, that pally power has been updated 6 times since yesterday morning šŸ™‚

  5. repgrind Says:

    Why would we even need it anymore? We have 2 buffs that cover the entire raid with a single cast. We have … I dunno, 3 auras? All the resistance auras have been rolled into a single one. I honestly don’t see any reason at all to have pally power.

  6. slice213 Says:

    I healed a 5 man (H UK) last night on the pally….it’s different.

    “Wait, I haz healz that I can use on the move other then Holy shock?!?”

    Not having Holy Light as a big bomb heal is strange…highest it healed was 6500k. Holy shock, Flash of Light hit for 10-11k at some points. The bug heal…Divine something – hits like a mack truck 19k.

    Mana was not an issue at this point.

    Holy Power takes a little getting use to.

    Not having 1 million buffs to cast is nice. ^^

  7. repgrind Says:

    Grom … read this and tell me paladins aren’t awesome.

    Yeah … it’s going to take some relearning. But damn ret sounds fun!

  8. Gromdred Says:

    Feeling a bit better about it today. Dont hit like a runaway freight train anymore, but that may change. A little spec tweaking, and a smidge of reforging (didnt need 14% hit), and it does feel a bit better. It is nice to not even have to think about mana tough šŸ™‚

  9. repgrind Says:

    I am slightly sad that I never got to use my 2pc T10 ret bonus inside ICC. No one would ever let me dps … something about having too many melee and not enough healers or some such nonsense, iduno.

  10. Gromdred Says:

    That explains why hammer comes up 2 seconds into a fight :D. Now that i likey

  11. Gromdred Says:


  12. DarthRegis Says:

    I dunno about you, but the Power Auras nonsense is getting a little annoying.



    FoF and BF are procc’ing all the freakin’ time.

    Totally borks my rotation, but it does make it fun!

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