My New Friend

I logged on to Rags last night with the intent of getting some leveling done before he went to ZG. As I was standing around Dal thinking about queueing up to heal a dungeon, I got a whisper from Lore.

“WTS 80 stacks of saronite pst”

“Hmmmm….” I think to myself, “I *do* need to work on my engineering. And since I’ve been pretty much strictly leveling through dungeons, it’s not like I’m gathering much ore on my own.” So I bought two dozen stacks of ore.

A few hours and a little over a thousand gold later …


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6 Responses to “My New Friend”

  1. Troutwort Says:

    Ugh, I need to finish my Jeeves, but I have to find the vendors for the repair bot 74A and the scrapbot. Eventually! I also need to find the vendors for a few other engineering patterns.

  2. repgrind Says:

    They’re actually not vendors. The schematic for 74A is found on the floor in BRD. For the scrapbot, you have to kill the library guardians in Storm Peaks for a drop that starts a quest, and you learn how to make them from the followup quest.

  3. Troutwort Says:

    Oh goodness, no wonder! I haven’t ever been to those places with him! I’ve actually never done any quests in Storm Peaks except for the questline for Sons of Hodir. Whoops!

  4. ReversionLFM Says:

    Grats. That guy is sooo freaking handy!

  5. slice213 Says:

    grats! and indeed Jeeves is useful!

  6. Lore Says:

    Ya know.. I still have about 200 stacks of saronite to sell… And 15 stacks of titanium…

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