What do you do when the raid is over for the night and your mains are bored of heroics? How about running heroics on your crappily geared long-abandoned original DK that hasn’t been touched since about the time Uldy was released? If this sounds like a good time, follow me …

 I checked out my RealID list and noticed that my friend Lyssi from DoTs & HoTs had managed to drag herself away from Dragon Age long enough to hit ICC. Finally … a good time to log on over there and be annoying! So I log onto Arelin and send her a whisper … “I r on yur server!”  :p

Yes, it hurt very much to type like that. We chatted a bit and eventually she offered up an invite. There were 11 people on … the 10 raiding plus me. So I pretty much left them alone to finish their raid and I … queued up for a random. After all, how bad could it  be? I looked at the gear … hm. Two pieces of T7, a couple of Naxx epix, some blues from heroics and quests, green trinkets, and the sigil from the DK starting zone. Ouch.

Got DTK. Got a Kingslayer tank, a couple of mediocre dps (i.e. dps on the same level as me), and a shaman wearing BoAs. This guy was good. He pulled the entire room before Trollgore .. after politely asking the shammy if it was ok with him. I got ‘Oh Novos’ and ‘Better Off Dred’ … and at the end, I got ‘Heroic: Drak’Tharon Keep’ … omg I’m a noob! But it went so well, that I decided to Death Gate to Acherus and do a quick respec to something a little more up-to-date .. and without Desecration. Seriously … it may be a PvP realm but I ain’t doin pvp.

Queued up again and got VH. Similar story, although this time I at least outdamaged one of the dps. (He came with the tank and spent a good portion of the dungeon … not dpsing. His dps was way above mine, but I beat him on damage because of all the standing around he did.) I got ‘Lockdown’ and ‘Heroic: Violet Hold’ at the end. Seriously … I TANKED NAXX on this toon, and never completed all the heroics? W.T.F.?!?

Well, by this time the gang were done in ICC and running a random of their own. So after they finished that I got in a group with them to run one more. Orangeslice was tanking, Lyssi healing on her tree, and a couple of dps from the guild. I hopped into vent with them and we headed off to HoL. First boss drops a plate dps belt and I am totally laughing about what a noob I am … because … it was an upgrade. >.<

Wait, back up. Let’s say that again. A blue .. dropped in a heroic .. and it was AN UPGRADE! And you know what? It was AWESOME! It felt so great to actually have a REASON to run heroics again! And the folks in SR are so nice .. we all had a huge laugh when my ghoul pulled a bunch of slag from the other side of the room and killed me and the mage. *sigh* I guess being a Kingslayer doesn’t exclude me from also being a Deathtard on occasion, eh?

Soo … that’s finished .. want to guess what comes next?

(photos courtesy of Lyssiana)

Hm .. problem here. Nice loincloth but too many other clothes.

Good, now … put the loincloth back on and flex.

Wait, something’s missing. Where are my goggles? They make all the difference, you know.

yeaaaaahhhhhhhh…….sexy 😉

I expect to see comments from a couple of other bloggers out there who play belfs. You know who you are. hehe


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5 Responses to “Hawt”

  1. slice213 Says:

    Sexy indeed! /whistles

    So that is what Lyssi was sending to ya….I swear she is a perv 😛

    Sorry about the latency issues I was having in HoL…was fine during ICC then boom…decided to die on me. Oh well. If you need randoms for gear. Just holla!

    Nice ta meet ya and welcome!

  2. koalabear21 Says:

    I have never denied my perviness.

    Woot woot! Naked Belfs go!


  3. Lore Says:

    Horde Filth…..

  4. Gromdred Says:

    Pryncess likey!!! 😀

  5. Troutwort Says:

    This is disgusting.

    Oh, I mean congrats on all the achieves!

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