Trying Out Blood

There is a possibility that Kalyon will be tanking deeper into ICC than the twin potatoes in the plague wing. So, I decided I might as well go ahead and try respeccing into blood. My spec needed updating anyway, so if I decide I don’t like blood, I can respec into a more solid frost spec than my previous one.

I didn’t really plan ahead for this, although I have read things about blood tanking specs before, so I didn’t go into it completely blind. I looked up the articles on blood tanking at, as well as the talent builds at pwnwear. There are a few points that can be moved around, apparently, so my build isn’t an exact copy of any of the ones that I looked at. I have one hanging point, also, that I haven’t decided what to do with.

I hopped over to the AH, grabbed a couple of glyphs, and went to guild chat.

/gu Anyone up for a random with a noob tank trying out a new spec?

Jor hopped on with me since he wanted practice healing and we got … PoS. Really? Well, I guess if I wanted to really test it out, I might as well get something where I have to work for it, right?  Something went wrong on Garfrost and I ended up almost soloing him down at the end … but being unfamiliar with my new toys, I couldn’t quite pull it off and we wiped and tried again. Looking back, if I had used Mark of Blood on him, I’d have had him. Hey, that’s how you learn, right? I won’t forget about that talent again.

After that we picked up a couple dps from Crits and got Occulus. Much easier place and one where I wasn’t going to learn as much about my spec … but it turned out to be a great thing because the hunter had Rankwatch. Man, if I’d only had Heart Strike Rank 6 instead of Rank 1 on that Garfrost wipe … doh! After the dungeon I went back to Acherus and trained all the ranks of Heart Strike. Good to go now. Oopsie.

SO, here’s the scorecard after two heroics.

Things That I Like

1. I have more health in blood spec. Like, 40k unbuffed. And, zomg, look at that .. pop vampiric blood and I have 52k! Neato!! (I think that was with Kings though)

2. Survivability through self healing. Besides the aforementioned Vampiric Blood, I also have Improved Rune Tap (not just the single point version like in my old spec), Mark of Blood, and don’t forget I also have Death Strike (improved) as a part of the rotation.

Things That I Don’t Like

1. Ok time to pull. Pick a target, run in and hit Howling Bla … owait. Shit! How the fuck do I pull without my lovely instant-aggro-disease-everyone-nao ability?! /flail

I got better at this, but it took some practice. Targeting a single mob and hitting one button is infinitely easier than dropping a ground targeted spell like DnD while running in. I just have to trust that the talents that increase the damage of blood boil are enough to get the snap aggro that I need.

2. Ok I’m at a point in the battle where I need a combination of more damage and extra mitigation … pop Unbreakable Armor! Owait … that’s not UA anymore, it’s Vampiric Blood. While I am fond of the extra health, I’m much more used to the extra mitigation. I suppose there are multiple options here … I could use an Indestrucible Potion or pop Icebound Fortitude with it.

3. There were several times where I found myself standing there with my entire bar of abilities grayed out. I suspect putting that hanging point in Scent of Blood might help. I may also need to remove the Rune Strike macro from at least one of my other strikes. I had always left it off of Obliterate and Frost Strike, but I put it on both Heart Strike and Death Strike (along with Icy Touch and Plague Strike).

One question I have … DnD and Blood Boil are it for aoe trash? I mean, I hardly used pestilence at all because, hell, nothing had a disease on it. Bosses sure, but trash? I miss my glyphed Howling Blast. But I’m willing to try this for awhile and give it a chance. If anyone out there plays DK tanks and has any tips or suggestions … the comment section is right down there below. 🙂


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5 Responses to “Trying Out Blood”

  1. Askevar Says:

    Personally, I prefer frost tanking. I tried blood and it just… bugs me… a lot. The extra health is nice… but I’ve always preferred relying on mitigation abilities more.

    As I understand blood, Heart Strike does have a cleave effect but other than that, DND and Blood Boil are pretty much it for aoe.

  2. Hartbane Says:

    sounds like you just miss howling blast to me.. quit relying on OP abilities to do your work for you and get some REAL agro missy! 😛

  3. repgrind Says:

    relying on OP abilities hmmm? … says the prot pally king of aoe threat =P

    and how about that beacon? mmmmmmmm beacon. Ok fine, I can’t say anything bad about it. *sigh* That freaking shield better drop tonight.

  4. Craig Says:

    I win.

    Now go try H HoR and then you’ll really love not having Howling Blast.

    It’s something to get used to really, just keep practicing and I’m sure you’ll like it. Although the lack of a snap aggro ability in AoE is annoying in Heroics, the spec definitely makes up for in single target threat/survivability for boss fights and Raiding.

    Make sure you use your diseases + pestilence too, that was an interesting thing for me to re-adjust to after switching from HB Frost to Blood.

  5. repgrind Says:

    I’ll let you in on a little secret … I have NEVER tanked HHoR .. not once. Hell, I haven’t even tanked in on regular. LMAO! Healed it lots of times but … yeah I’ll just get out my ghoul and dps that one thank you very much.

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