Heroic Storming the Citadel

I wrote not too long ago about trying heroic modes in Karius’ ten man. Well, last night I got to try them on Kaly. Cael’s main Crits group was missing a couple of regular members, so instead of doing their usual LK attempts, he brought his Kingslayer lock for heroic modes and coerced me and a friend to come fill in at tank and heals.

Yes, me, with my crappy ‘aoe threat ftw!’ 2H single-disease frost tank offspec … doing heroic modes. Do I know that blood is the top DK tank spec for hardmodes? Of course. And if I was going to be doing them regularly I probably would respec and try it out. But I’m stubborn and I know enough to use my CDs so I figured we’d be alright.

Marrowgar wasn’t too bad. For tanking it’s really no different than on normal mode, except the cold flames hurt more and stay longer.  Once the dps worked out their groupings and got the spikes down fast, we were good to go.

Deathwhisper was more of a challenge.  I don’t know if the adds come out faster, or if people were being lazy, but it took a couple tries to get it so the adds weren’t still up at the same time as the other side was coming out. By the final time, I had learned to trust that the other tank had a good hold on the add that was left while I ran to the other side to pick up the new group of three. Once we got the shield down, we killed her on that try. I don’t think I would have been able to tank that without having seen it on the mage first, though.

Lootship was lootship. I got to be the away tank. You know … being the away tank is actually kinda boring. I am busy busy busy the whole fight when I’m on the adds. Not that I’m complaining, sometimes a break is just what I need … plus backing off the edge of the other ship is always fun.

Saurfang … let me tell you, I’d rather tank him 1000 times than have to deal with the blood beasts on the mage. He really sucks. Even tanking though, you have to be 100% on top of your A game. We spent over an hour on him. If one of the tanks misses and has him on them when they have Rune of Blood .. it’s over. Both of us messed it up more than once.  Finally at the end of the night we decided that even though we might hit the enrage timer, we weren’t getting it done with 2 heals. So the enhance shaman went back to resto and …

Hey, who’s that paladin listed there? No wonder we wiped so many times!

/blame Hartbane

Oh, ok … I guess we did win after all. And I likes my beacon. So .. j/k Hart. *hugs*

I got a heroic Ramaladni’s off of him. I gemmed it with 2 solids and a bold for a net loss of 12 strength and a gain of 60 stamina. Now that I think about it, I suppose I could have gone with str/stam for the blues, and gotten a gain in strength, with a smaller gain in stamina, and use it for DPS too .. but I’d feel a bit guilty tossing aside my Shadow’s Edge for the next piece of axe to come along. After all, I already did that to Bryntroll … of course, I didn’t spend 25 saronites on that one, so it was a much smaller burden of guilt.


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11 Responses to “Heroic Storming the Citadel”

  1. gromdred Says:

    you went for it with hart healing? I don’t know whether to laugh at you, applaud you, or send you to an institution. j/k hart! Glad you got sauerfang thought… Grats!

  2. Troutwort Says:

    Way to go! It’s awesome that you all got that down, I was happy to see that!! I’m still waiting for a LK kill though! 😛

  3. Chawa Says:

    Uber grats!!!

  4. gromdred Says:

    me too!

  5. repgrind Says:

    Now if I could just get a LK kill … sigh

  6. gromdred Says:

    and you will soon! I know you will

  7. Hartbane Says:

    haha very funny grom…… I hate you all! j/k j/k
    Yeah she trusted my healing.. we were doing okay for 2 healing but the dps was a bit short of the mark they needed to be at for a 2 healer group.. you can’t get a third mark out or you’re screwed! We got 3 out every time and i couldn’t keep up.. even WITH beacon! haha oh well though.. still a notch in my belt to be top healer with 3 up so *shrugs* what works in the end works I guess

  8. repgrind Says:

    Hart if you get any more notches in that belt it’s going to break apart …I don’t know how it even holds together anymore!

  9. Hartbane Says:

    whatever! I need to prove myself constantly against all these upcoming pallies! They keep doing all the things I was doing and looking better doing them! I used to be good! Believe me if you dare! I’m just hoping I don’t mess up healing on the LK fight

  10. repgrind Says:

    Looking better doing them? Hahahahaha. No way. Used to be good .. listen to you. You’re awesome! As long as you’re not DC’ed … >.>

  11. gromdred Says:

    well that’s the problem, isn’t it? 😀

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