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August 31, 2010

Title says it all.

OMG that fight is not easy. We were there a couple of hours. We had some trouble getting first phase down because we tried a couple of different things from how they had done it before. Once we switched to the way most of them were used to doing it, we had no more problems with phase 1.

We only spread defile over the entire platform once. I think we only lost one person to val’kyr over the course of the night, too. I was impressed with everyone’s ability to focus. There was joking around, sure, but once we were hitting phase 2, vent cleared except for Cael calling things out.

That phase 3 … OMG, I don’t think there’s any way I could have survived this fight if I hadn’t respecced into blood. Don’t get me wrong, the healers did an awesome job … but the ability to pop vampiric blood and have 80k health to survive a Soul Reaper when the other tank is still busy with a Spirit is priceless. Somewhere in between wipes I swapped out the Glyph for the Black Heart, and wore that along with the Corroded Skeleton Key for as much health as I could get.

I got this one just as he hit 10%, before he killed everyone.

That third phase was crazy. You can see we tanks ended up with him in a corner over near the throne … I’m sure that worried the healers a little bit. I know Cael mentioned later that it freaked him out. But that was where I drug him to avoid a defile. Meh … we won. But damn … he’s tough.

I MISSED the cinematic. I was typing and somehow escaped out of it just as it was trying to start up. Oh well … there’s always the fountain in Dalaran.

Everyone put on their titles as soon as it was over, then there was some loot distribution or something  … wasn’t important. Then it was photo time.

And of course, more Kaly ‘n Chan time. 😉

Poor Bolvar .. talk about a fate worse than death … geez.

Once we got back to town … well ….

Perhaps it was somewhat dickish, but can you really blame us? We were all so excited and proud. There were a couple of people from hardcore raiding guilds making fun of us, but we didn’t care.

You know, I’m kinda glad now that Cael and I didn’t get it in that pug we went to. It was way beyond awesome to get it with a group of people that I know … to get it with friends. And geez, Cael got it with his family there! Does it get any more awesome than that?

Why I Play Dudes

August 30, 2010

Because Lore asked …

I play what I like to look at.

Seriously, check out how hot these two are.

There’s just something about a man in plate armor …

… although Kar is pretty sexy in his robes, too.

Now for the answer to Hart’s prompt.

Last night after the raid, Hart and Cael and I went exploring to Old Ironforge. We died plenty of times before Hart researched an alternate glitch that supposedly only works for human males. Well damn, that sounds good but … owait! We ARE human males! It took awhile because I failed at getting the angle just right and kept falling down the side of building, but we eventually got down there.

Let’s get this party started!

Yeah baby, they look just as good WITHOUT their plate armor! Rowr

Come on Hart, it’s only a mechanical yeti … although you ARE kinda overmatched in size at the moment.

So there you go, Lore. Got any more questions that you probably DON’T want to know the answer to?

Bam! Pow! Bankai!

August 30, 2010

Thanks a lot Fyuria, now I’ve got Bleach on the brain. Dang rogues, always up to no good.

Anywho, last night was the debut of Crits reorganized progression team. We had a few people who had never downed the end wing bosses, and others, like me, who were there in a new role that they hadn’t taken that deep into ICC. In fact, Kaly had never beaten a boss outside of the plague wing on 10 man … and his forays to Valithria and Blood Princes in 25 man had been solely as DPS.

It was, to put it bluntly, a smashing success. I don’t think we even had a death until we got to Blood Princes. Our only wipe was the first attempt on Sind .. and I can place almost all of the blame for that one on myself. I’m at her side, happily DPSing away in 3rd phase, when it comes time to tank swap so Moe can clear his stacks … and I haven’t bothered to clear mine. So yeah, I got flattened. But omg, that fight is SO easy as a DK. Blistering Cold? Bwahahahah .. who cares?! /cast anti magic shell

We downed 11/12 in about 3.5 hours. Then we ran up to the Frozen Throne for pics.

Then of course, Kaly had to have some alone time with his favorite girlfriend Chandrilea.

Tonight we get the entire block of raid time to work on the King. Keep your fingers crossed … cuz I have no clue what I’m doing. xD

75K Health is Smexy

August 26, 2010

Minor post today, but I need to get it up while it’s fresh in my mind. Last night was the Apathy 25 man. We did a continuation from the week before, working on Putricide. We were short healers, and Lore suggested I get my pally but .. well, he’s got his own run to go to on Friday. Plus, you know … Marrowgar and the shield that doesn’t exist … so I made a counter suggestion that Hart switch to healing and I could come tank.  Can you believe they actually went for it? Haha! I dumped poor Karius so fast … heck, come to think of it, I never went back for him. He’ll be standing outside ICC when I log into him next, wondering what he did to be treated so poorly.

So, I got a chance to try my blood spec in 25 man. Quite different from those few heroics I ran. I wasn’t scrambling to find Howling Blast. For most of the trash packs, DnD and blood boil worked just fine with no issues at all. To be fair, the other tank was DW frost so I assume he was throwing his own HBs around but that’s kind of the point … in a raid, there will always be another tank throwing around their own AoE threat abilities. In the upcoming 10 man, it will be a pally with consecration and Hammer of Hitthreemobs and Shield of Heylookatank.

As far as the abilities, I used my trinket (Glyph of Indomitability) and Icebound Fort as I normally would. Vampiric Embrace … omg, throw that on with full 25 man buffs and the 30% buff and I’ve got 75k health. That’s enough to make my pally have wet dreams … takes more than two holy lights to fill that bar. Hitting Rune Tap gave me about a 15k heal … once every 30 seconds … the survivability is just plain crazy. I think I used Mark of Blood maybe once. I need to remember it more often.

I did get to try the abom twice. Not much but it was enough for me to know what the abilities are and get the hang of sucking up the slime. Nice to get some practice in on it. Plus, I got to see how to infuse my Shadow’s Edge for the quest. Of course, the one time I got enough energy to actually do it, I was so busy being excited over it that the next thing I heard over vent was “Kaly, slow the slime!” Umm … oops? >.>

No, we didn’t get him down. Why? I don’t know. If I was DPS maybe I could tell you, but I was kinda focused on what I was doing. The four hours flew by, and before I knew it we were calling the raid. It was a lot of fun to get to change roles for one night, and definitely got me excited about the 10 man. I’m keeping the blood spec, at least for now.  I exchanged my DPS rep ring for the tank one, and bought a Corroded Skeleton Key … although it may not be favorable over The Black Heart, depending on the situation.  I still have time to sell it back so I might not keep it.

Ok, back to work.