Heroic Dance Party

Our LK attempts this weekend went pretty well, overall. Our first try Saturday night was better than any of our previous attempts had been, and that really set the stage for the evening. True, we had a couple really bad attempts after that, but we were all focused on it and made some good progress. I think our best attempt was around 46% or so. I’m not sure what I hate worse though, val’kyr or defile … I’m leaning towards val’kyr at the moment.

Hart, Grom and Karius doin' the bird

We spent a couple of hours working on LK attempts and then went back to the beginning. Last week we just tore through half the place to get badges. This week, Josh is like “Let me get my Kingslayer and we’ll do some hardmodes.” HELLZ YEAH!

We split the dps on Marrowgar so that half went left and half went right during bone storms. In heroic, he throws out bone spikes the *whole* fight, even during bone storm, so that ensured that there would always be dps near anyone who got spiked. We one-shotted him. And, speaking of val’kyr … mine are gone. I still play with my Nibelung when I go frost spec and blizzard things, but the heroic Frost Needle coupled with the regular Scourgelord’s Baton stashed in my bag was too good to pass up.

Deathwhisper is craaaaaazy…. fun. I get to sheep people .. in 10 man! SQUEEEE. Also, an add comes out of the back of the room in phase two and LD is not tauntable in phase two, plus the mind control continues, so it’s hectic and awesome. It took us two or three tries to get it down, but I loved it.

Lootship is still lootship. The rockets knock you back, oh my I’m so scared. Really, you shouldn’t have been standing in them even in normal mode so .. yeah. Cake.

Remember when Saurfang was hard? Well … welcome back. I can’t find anything that says the beasts have more hitpoints but I could have sworn they had almost double. Can anyone confirm this? They also get a buff called Scent of Blood after a few seconds that reduced everyone’s movement speed and increases the damage they deal. They’re n-a-s-t-y. He also gains  blood power a lot faster. We gave up after four or five attempts and did him normal.

Rotface was .. weird. Putricide throws out a vile gas into the room every so often, so you have to keep at least 3 ranged out, kind of like on Festergut. It doesn’t actually make you puke, but gives you limited control of your character for a few seconds. I actually found being out a bit easier than being right underneath him. I forgot how many tries we needed for this, but I think it was only two or three.

Festergut plus malleable goo. Can you say ‘zomg wtf?’ Now, I had no trouble seeing the neon green circle on the floor that appears where the goo is going to land. But if you’re in melee? Seriously … I don’t think I ever want to try that on heroic on my DK. And it also has a tendency to land right where the person we stack on with the spore for the ranged is standing. Just ugly. We tried a few times and said forget it, do it on regular. If we had an hour to work on it I think we could get it but meh. It was 12:30am and we’d been in ICC for a good 5 hours. We were ready to call it a night.

Shake it baby

Thursday we visit the Lich King again … assuming half our team doesn’t call in ‘sick.’ *mumbles something about disabling the Starcraft servers for a few hours so she can beat on Arthas some more*


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7 Responses to “Heroic Dance Party”

  1. Troutwort Says:

    So much dancing…but not enough naked gnome.

  2. repgrind Says:

    OMG. I couldn’t believe you took your clothes off in MgT last night. Dirty little gnome.

  3. Hartbane Says:

    hahaha I’m a hawt ogre! hellz yah! Also.. they better show up thursday.. i’ll be very disappointed if they dont

  4. Gromdred Says:

    Starcraft is not worth missing beating on arthas. If the don’t show, hart, you and i will hunt them down and…

  5. repgrind Says:

    We’re already gonna be missing our rogue …

  6. Gromdred Says:

    Shoot him!

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    […] Storming the Citadel By repgrind I wrote not too long ago about trying heroic modes in Karius’ ten man. Well, last night I got to try them on Kaly. […]

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