Mount Your Chicken

So, this weekend Hart and I were running around working on rep and stuff like usual. We decided it was time for a Magister’s Terrace run, since I’ve lost the roll on the pet about 6 times now. I figured since it was just the two of us, it would be a good time to bust out my new pvp frost spec, with its buffed up AoE capabilites. You know that room with all the little mana wyrms? Perfect for seeing how many val’kyr you can spawn from your Nibelung.

So we get to Kael’thas and I fail at flying around the room out of the bubbles.  Hart rezzes me and then we get to the loot. Damn, no pet. But wait .. what’s this?! ZOMG it’s the freaking mount!!!! Yeah, I lost the roll. No surprise there. I’ve been to OS3D 15 times and still don’t have a black drake. Oh well. So we get out and over vent I’m like “Mount your chicken, I need screenshots!” We weren’t the only ones in vent, however. You can imagine the jokes that ensued. I think they were pretty appropriate though … I heard there’s an actual video of the real Hartbane with a real chicken on the intarwebz if you know where to look. For realz!

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9 Responses to “Mount Your Chicken”

  1. Troutwort Says:


    O M G

  2. repgrind Says:


    I told you it was huge. And I’m sorry you were too busy fishing to go along and get to roll on it. We’ll run it again though, don’t worry.

  3. Troutwort Says:

    Ha ha ha, I know. It reminds me that I need to keep up with my Strath runs too for the Baron’s mount. Bleh. 😛

  4. DarthRegis Says:


    Seems your luck is the same as mine. I’ve been doing ICC-10 several times now, but I’ve only seen Mauradin’s Spyglass on my feral druid. On my mage or warlock – nope, nothin’.

    So, wtf RNG? 😛

  5. repgrind Says:

    We won’t even talk about how many times I’ve visited the Baron and got nothing to show for it. I think I can literally do Strat runs while napping.

  6. Hartbane Says:

    hahahaha I love my chicken!

  7. Troutwort Says:

    LOL, I’m sure most dudes love their “chicken”.

  8. repgrind Says:

    Trout!!! :O

    What is it you’re always saying in gchat? Oh yeah … PG13!! PG13!!

  9. Rep Farming is Fun! « Reputation Grind Says:

    […] at 80, let alone now. But of course, rep farming is *always* more fun when there are two of you. Farming rep with Hartbane is one of my fondest memories from my Wrath […]

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