The Rocket’s Red Glare

Aaaaaand …… I am back! I hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday weekend … and for those of you who aren’t in the States, I hope you had a safe and fun regular weekend. I ate a lot and slept a lot.

Hart was apparently anxious for me to get back on Monday, because he started texting me around 8am wanting to know what time I’d be online. He finally got his wish around 8pm. So we headed off to some Outland heroics to finish off his Sha’Tar rep. We took Paaradi and Grom along with us, because 3 paladins is better than 1. Grom brought his shiny new rocket.

Good times. Those three heroics (Botanica, Mechanar, Arcatraz) finished off Outland Dungeonmaster and Outland Dungeon Hero for Karius. Then last night Hart and I went to ZG and I finished off Hero of the Zandalar, which got me 20 Exalted Reps. I’m still 15 reps behind Hart but oh well.

It’s good to be back. Expect a semi-normal posting schedule to resume.


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15 Responses to “The Rocket’s Red Glare”

  1. Troutwort Says:

    Ahhh, good times in Outlands. I think I might be one of the few people that actually misses Outlands.

  2. repgrind Says:

    I dunno, I like Outlands a lot. So does Kaif. He’s planning to finish every Outland dungeon on his pally before he heads to Northrend.

  3. Troutwort Says:

    I do wish they would remove the key requirement for those Outland heroics. It would make more sense, achievement wise anyways.

  4. repgrind Says:

    Yeah but you only have to get to honored now instead of revered. That’s like, a couple or three times through a regular dungeon or two and you’re there.

  5. Troutwort Says:

    Yeah, but the fact that you’re required to do normal one or more times to be able to do heroic is outdated. That doesn’t apply in LK, you can actually and I have actually done the heroic version before ever doing the normal on some of them.

    So the system is silly as it stands and the keys should be removed.

  6. Hartbane Says:

    I was anxious! and it wasn’t for me to finish off my Sha’tar rep silly! It was for me to get my dungeonmaster achievement!

  7. Gromdred Says:

    Naw, just hart’s ocd side showing through :). And of course riding kar around on my rocket was fun too ;P

  8. repgrind Says:

    [insert innuendos about riding Grom’s rocket here]

  9. Hartbane Says:

    [already inserted them in my mind]

  10. repgrind Says:

    Have I mentioned lately how much I love you guys? 😀

  11. Hartbane Says:

    bahaha! yes you have, but we don’t tire of hearing it!

  12. Troutwort Says:

    This comment page is disgusting. 😡

  13. repgrind Says:

    You *know* what my reply to that is, right?

  14. repgrind Says:

    /blame Hartbane

  15. Troutwort Says:

    He he.

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