Guys. Hey … guys! Is anyone still there? Can you get me out of this thing?? My body feels like it’s wasting away and there are flowers growing under my feet… I think you left me here too long.

I was invited to fill in on the main progression run in Crits this last week. Since my run was cancelled again (more on that later) I was more than happy to help them out. Sunday night we went in and two healed 8/12, leaving BQL and the two dragons for last night. Fiak swapped his tree in place of his rogue for the continuation.

BQL still took a couple of tries or so. Every time someone was supposed to bite me, I got Swarming Shadows and had to move, so they bit someone else. Which was cool, actually, because I ended up with the Once Bitten, Twice Shy achievement from it.

Dreamwalker was no problem. Moving on … Sindragosa, I hate you. Actually, the raid handled it much smoother than any of the times I’d been to her before.  It looked … well … almost exactly like the Tankspot video, as far as where to  group up and how the ice tombs were placed in Phase 2. Everyone there had killed her before other than Fiaks and me. Yes, I put my ice tomb in the wrong spot once and wiped us. Pro tip – getting an extra person entombed is almost surely a wipe … getting one of the tanks entombed is a guaranteed wipe. >.>

It took .. geez I dunno. Five tries? Really not bad considering. I’ve been waiting for this one for a looooooooooong time.

Alright, kids, we’re off to see the wi … Lich King!

Hey look! It’s my favourite paladin!

Owait … wrong screenshot … that’s just Cael. I meant this one …

Yeah so … the Lich King … I dunno. Necrotic Plague bounced around and we died in less than a minute on each of our three tries. Or maybe it was four.

They’ve gotten to phase 2.5 or something before, but not with us there. hehe. Maybe on their continuation this week they can make progress. HUGE thanks to Cael for bringing us along and letting us finally get that damn dragon down and at least get to see the Lich King. That really made my week.

Now as for Karius’ regular 10 man … it has been dissolved. So that might have been it for him. Not sure what I’m doing yet, there is talk of forming a new group, there are other groups that always need a fill in … I may just not commit to anything for now and concentrate on the guild’s 25 man, at least until after my vacation. So, thanks again to everyone I ran with, and to Lore for holding the group together through personnel changes for as long as he did. See you all tomorrow night at 25!


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10 Responses to “Dead”

  1. Troutwort Says:

    You guys are awesome!!!

  2. DarthRegis Says:

    Looks like fun. Good luck punching Arthas in the face next time! 😀

  3. Gromdred Says:

    I am jealous 😦

  4. repgrind Says:

    I know hon. *hugs*

  5. Gromdred Says:

    And i’m what, all the way down to like, your third or fourth favorite paladin?

  6. repgrind Says:

    You will always be my favorite ret pally 😉

  7. Gromdred Says:

    I quit

  8. repgrind Says:


  9. DarthRegis Says:

    Does this mean there’s an opening for a new favourite Ret Pally?

    /rolls fresh toon

  10. repgrind Says:


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