Spoiled Paladin is Spoiled

Yeah, so remember how I asked to be showered in spellpower gear on Monday? It’s fun being spoiled.

I’m hanging around Dalaran getting ready for my first trip to ICC…you know, making sure I have buff food, collecting the three kinds of flasks out of the mail that Karius made for me, swapping in a glyph of Holy Shock since I’m expecting to be needing it a lot. Lore logs on and he’s like, ‘Hey, do you need Cable of the Metrognome?’ I look and I’m wearing some iLevel 200 belt with crit on it that I got in HoL. ‘Uh .. yeah! That would be awesome!!’ Grab a buckle out of my bank, stick one of the gems in it that I was planning to bring along just in case, and away we  go.

So I’ve been a paladin for less than a week and I already hate the whole buffing procedure. I’m the only paladin, can’t I just give everyone kings? Well, I suppose the hunter and his pet should get might. Except, whenever I hit the pet bar on pally power to give him might, it also gives it to the warrior… who is tanking … and wants kings. Grrrr. And the two shaman, one is resto and one is enhance, so one wants kings and the other wants might. Now I understand why paladins run low on symbols of kings, even when they come with a couple hundred to start with. What a freaking PITA.

Trash was .. interesting. What happens when you pull the last room along with 3 traps? Hehe. Hey, I TOLD you guys to bring plenty of gold for repairs … although it’s not totally the healer’s fault when pulls go astray. There were a few aggro issues as well that did get worked out, but not before the hunter and mage made several donations of gold to the Ashen Verdict repair NPCs just inside the instance.

 We get to Marrowgar eventually,  and Cael decides to go holy on his priest and three heal it, since it’s my first time and all. So of course the only death in the fight was … Cael. I swear, it wasn’t on purpose! Geez you guys, come on, he crafted gear for me, drug me through raids and dungeons, and gave me a spot on his raid team. You think I’d …. ok fine, yes I would. lol. Not much I could do though when he wasn’t freed from a bone spike quick enough. Ok, but here is how awesome Cael is … he won the Sliver of Pure Ice but since he went back to shadow after that, he let me wear it for the next two hours and then I traded it back to him before the trade timer expired.

Deathwhisper was easy. Man that fight is boring without the mind control. Almost as boring as lootship. Maybe next week I’ll jump just for the hell of it. I mean really … Amber has a great flowchart for how to make the fight somewhat interesting as disc, but what do you do as a pally? Maybe Ori would have some suggestions. Well, I got rewarded for staying awake (and keeping people alive) with this super awesome Ice-Reinforced Vrykul Helm. All the shammy gear has yummy yellow sockets and lots of haste. ❤

Saurfang was pretty easy. Other than the tank that’s currently tanking him, and whoever has boiling blood, no one really takes damage. Apparently there was some sloppy handling of the beasts .. I dunno, while healing I saw even less of the beasts than I do when I’m tanking. I just stood in my little corner happily spamming The Light on whoever needed it, and got rewarded with … achievement spam!

He dropped a Ramaladni’s but … seeing as how my ret gear is COMPLETELY ungemmed/unechanted, I was more than happy to see the DK tank pick it up. 

We took a short break, then it was on to Festergut. A few more pains here … strange aggro/positioning problems on the first try, holy-wtf-just-hit-the-tank on the second try (newb healer yarr ok you can blame me sort of maybe … no wait, just blame Hartbane) … and then the third try was like clockwork. Bam, boss down, and lookie there … spellpower plate! Squee!! Now I can get rid of my cloth gloves with hit on them. >.>

Rotface was … one-shotted. o.O I didn’t have to cleanse, Cael took care of it. Maybe it’s because I’m such a noob but … I had absolutely no problem ignoring the cleanses showing up on my healbot. Not me? Don’t care. 😀  No Lockjaw …. /cry. But  I got these sexy Shuffling Shoes … yes, once again, shammy gear with yellow sockets and lots of haste. Hooray!

That’s as far as we got (farther than I expected I admit) but we had a really good try on Putricide before a really bad try, and we got our bonus frost badge off the vry’kul chick. Oh yeah, I also got my friendly Ashen Verdict ring right before Festergut, so … that’s five upgrades counting the belt from Lore.

One spoiled and tired paladin

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10 Responses to “Spoiled Paladin is Spoiled”

  1. Troutwort Says:

    Argh! That hair! You need to come to Elgar’s school of make-overs for hot men.

  2. repgrind Says:

    Then he would end up with a pron ‘stache. >.<

    Anyway, that particular hair style is called 'Fabulous' … I would think you would like it. :p

  3. Troutwort Says:

    Fabulous? I thought it might be called “Trailer Park.”

  4. repgrind Says:

    Come do a Heroic with me tonight. I want to see how long you can live without heals.

  5. Troutwort Says:

    Whee! Who should I bring? I think all my toons can heal themselves…hmmm, except Schubert and Trout, but they will either Invis or Feign Death as appropriate. 😛


  6. Troutwort Says:

    Oh shizzle, I forgot to post the picture of my Elgar pornstasche IRL.

  7. repgrind Says:

    Well I guess we found out how long you can live without heals, too. Dang boomkins. Don’t hide in corners out of LoS! :p

  8. Troutwort Says:

    Okay, that was my bad….though in all honesty, I called that it was going to be bad just based on the position of the tanking, that pat walked right into him, it was doomed form the start. Ha! Though I made a few mistakes there…battle rez? Shadowmeld? Whoops!

  9. Gromdred Says:

    Sounds like you had a good night! Far better than my run the same evening… Fortunately, it was tempered by the late, but fantastic run on friday

  10. Arioch Says:

    In the case of a single pally, I’ll take Kings and like it.

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