Blood Princes Down (x2)

Crits 25 man

Rewind to Friday night.

Not included in the title is the first Dreamwalker rescue. Cael of course had to show off his uber HPS.

Blood Princes wasn’t exactly pretty, but the screenshots are! .. because I was dead on the floor and had plenty of time to play with camera angles. >.<

Selv collecting balls for tanking Keleseth.


And the ‘killshot’, which I was a little late on because I was still taking screencaps with the UI turned off … but it turned into a fantastic (and somewhat scary) image of Majinx.

Apathy 25 man

Apathy got the Princes down to I think 500k last week, so we were confident that they would go down this week. We weren’t exactly expecting it to be this smooth though. One shot, 24 man, only one death (unless there was a brez that I’m forgetting, but I don’t think there was.)

That puts both raid teams at 8/12 in 25 man ICC, with just the end wing bosses and the Lich King left.

Those of you who enjoy rubbernecking at car wrecks might want to tune in tomorrow, as Kerick will be making his ICC10 debut tonight. :p


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5 Responses to “Blood Princes Down (x2)”

  1. Troutwort Says:

    WOOT!! YAY Crits and Giggles!! It’s awesome to see that!! I think there’s only one person not in the guild on that run…and maybe I’m a bad GM and don’t know who this Albris is. Also I really like the tranquil mechanical yeti running at Selv in his picture.

  2. repgrind Says:

    Altiris is in the guild. lol. Or at least, his better half Fionas is.

    Sorry about the smallish pics. I grabbed them off the facebook page instead of off my home computer. The names are kinda hard to read.

    Oh, and did you notice Jeeves in the background behind Cifer? hehe!

  3. Troutwort Says:

    Ha ha ha, OMG, Albris, I feel liks such an idiot. Yes, I recognize Altiris. He he. And Jeeves looks like he’s taking some arcane power to the face but yes, I see him.

  4. lagalot Says:

    The minipets are part of the fight (seriously). DBM overwrites raid markers on raid members, so we have the tanks use minipets and mark them instead so it doesn’t get overwritten. In this case, each tank minipet is marked with a raid marker corresponding to the ability of the monster being tanked. Ex. purple diamond on the minipet of the tank tanking the monster who uses shadowbolt, star for the shock vortex monster, red circle for fireball, etc.

  5. Troutwort Says:

    So my guess is you don’t use Egbert and his random running around or any of the pets that fall asleep in place then? LOL

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