I Can Haz Gearz?

Ok, that’s it. Kerick is 80. Shower me with spellpower plate. :p

Ok, fine, so it’s already happened. Thanks to numerous members of Crits who pitched in and helped with mats (Arcanus, Billz, Bloodfrenzy, Multi, Quest … probably others I’ve left out) I received a surprise in my mailbox from Cael before I even dinged 80. I made many visits to my mailbox over the last level to caress my shiny new Sunforged chestpiece and bracers. The first thing I did after dinging on Saturday evening, of course, was to return to a mailbox and put them on.

As soon as I finished training, the guild got a group together and we went to my first heroic. Yeah, with 245 chest and bracers, it let me go straight to heroics. HToC … screw that easy stuff, let’s go right to The Black Knight and his magical AoE damage. Grom, ever ready to sacrifice himself for my benefit, got to be the first person I let die. What? Don’t look at me like that, it was either him or me … and I don’t trust his Art of War procs to keep a tank up. :p

We chain ran a few heroics, then hit up the regular ICC 5 mans. That was fun and I got some decent upgrades. Then, despite it being pretty late, Cael was like ‘regular? No way, we’re doing heroic.’ So … yeah. On the same day, heck just a couple hours after I hit 80, I’m off to heal FoS, PoS and HoR .. heroic. Nothing like trial by fire, right?  It was … not so bad. We had a mishap on the gauntlet and lost the ret pally when Cael ran out of mana, so we didn’t have the dps to finish it before the timer ran out. Cael and I were still up with like 1 second left  when the Lich King finished us off. Boo. But we got it done eventually. And went to bed. They kept me up too late!

Sunday … I spent a little time running around cleaning up loose ends (including finishing off the last two achievements Kaly needed for Glory of the Hero) and then logged on ready for heroics. Well, the guild was having none of that. I soon found myself standing inside Naxxramas for the weekly raid quest, trying to figure out how the hell pally power works. Anub’Rekhan died so fast it really almost didn’t count as my first raid healing experience, but at least I got the whole pally power/buffing crap figured out… sort of. And got new ret boots.

Heroics nao? Yeah, right … not even. Anub’Rekhan not enough of a challenge? Meet Anub’Arak. Fortunately, thanks to my newbness, we went in with 3 heals instead of only 2 (seriously, does anyone ever 3 heal ToC anymore unless they are carrying a newbie healz? Hart claims he can single heal it … and I don’t doubt it). Spellpower plate, go! Er … or mail, or leather, or cloth. I think I’m wearing all four. My heals were wayyyy below the other two (no surprise, I’m in there in dungeon gear that’s not even gemmed or enchanted) but bosses died. Anub phase 3? All I have to say is I’m glad I was the pally and didn’t have to worry about keeping the raid just alive. Beacon a tank and heal the other, no problem. Dead bug.

Ok, so we can handle snobolds, and demon lords, big bugs and val’kyr, and even the champions of the Horde. But can we handle many whelps? Time to find out … yeah, so, we’ll just pretend that first try didn’t happen ok? I wasn’t the only rookie healer I guess. The tank went in without any pre-hots and I lagged behind like I normally do on the mage and wasn’t in range of the tank in time to save him. Oops? Fortunately, Kaif was on top of things and picked her up while the main tank got brezzed but still … that one was totally and absolutely healer failure and we never recovered. I think it took us three tries altogether, although the second try kinda doesn’t count, because someone who dc’d in the first try reconnected while we were buffing for the second try … in the middle of the floor … yeah, she pulled when he appeared. We did our best to salvage it but ultimately wiped it and went for a clean pull. Third time is a charm!

Justice helm? Please?? No??? Stupid dragon. I got nothing. Well, that’s not true … I got achievements and valuable experience. Time for another run through the three ICC heroics. This time we had a wipe late in the first room, on like wave 9 I think, but we had no mishaps on the gauntlet.  Moar spam for the guild.

After that I took my emblems and bought myself a Talisman of Resurgence and a Heartmender’s Circle, then collected gems and enchants for everything, figuring I had enough pieces that weren’t going to change much before ICC now. Cael will look at my vast collection of intellect gems and smack me, but … well, I have the cut and that’s what Hartbane gems so … trust me, it’ll be fine. The belt will get  replaced tonight. I did a couple of heroics after Kaly’s ICC late last night with some of my buddies in Apathy, and they said my gearscore is 4648. (yeah I know, I hate gearscore too, but … everyone always wants to know) I’d say that’s pretty good for being 80 only a day. Now .. how to weasel my way into an ICC run …. /plots

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5 Responses to “I Can Haz Gearz?”

  1. Gromdred Says:

    Ill go to icc with you anytime hun!

  2. repgrind Says:

    LOL! My favorite squishy pally. I’m gonna start calling you Gromdead, because you must have a death wish .. I’ve already let you die once! hehe

  3. koalabear21 Says:

    Grats! 😀

  4. Troutwort Says:

    Can’t paladin’s use some save me bubble thing? Or do you all forget to use that after level 60 or when you’re not jumping off something?

  5. Gromdred Says:

    It’s all a matter of timing… I dont usually get the .5 seconds i need to hit bubble

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