Fiaks and Kaly hit 1300 in 2s this week. I still have a whopping 60 resilience. He’s after me to grind some honor so I can buy … whatever the item is that I can get with 1300 rating. Hartbane was around this weekend though, which always means I’m busy grinding rep. (more on that in another post) Of course, that also meant that Kerick didn’t get to 80 … heck, he didn’t even make 79, although he will tonight.

I respecced on Saturday into a full pvp build before our matches, and then we hit up a few BGs. I may die quicker with no resilience, but as long as I have heals … well, it’s pretty fun tearing through people. Unless I run into someone in full Wrathful (like that damn boomkin in AB with his pocket tree… grrr) I can usually rack up the kills quite easily. Got this shot in SoTA which I thought was kinda cool …

… the hunter that the trap belonged to is lying dead at my feet there, but she managed to drop the ice trap just before I landed the killing blow … I like how I got iced in a full-on attack pose. Fiaks, is that you off to the right there? Even after several months, I expect you to be a girl cow when you’re not a tree.

This week is one of the busiest of the year at work, so I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to post … but I do have a couple planned already, we’ll just have to see how it goes.


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One Response to “1300”

  1. Kaif01 Says:

    That’s probably me there. You can tell it’s the healer – I’m the only one at low health. I reckon I was cycloning the holy pally so you could kill the hunter while the hunter was trying (in vain) to take me down.

    You need a range marker on your raid frames. That will tell you who is in range of you (and who to blame if you’re not getting heals).

    Get some resilience. You need to get it before this weekend in case we tank some games and end up under 1300. Ideally we won’t, but as we get higher, you’re going to start getting focused more and really need it so you can live for 6 seconds if I have to eat a full blind some time.

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