Random Healing

I’m finding it somewhat amazing that I have settled into healing so quickly. Where once the thought of queueing for a random as anything other than dps would have sent me into fits of anxiety, now I tend to log out in my holy spec/gear so that I can get right on that dungeon as soon as I log in the next day.

You know, I don’t think I have *ever* queued up solo on my tank. Even now, sporting 264 mixed in with the 232 and a fair amount of experience under my bonus-armor belt, I only tank for guildies and friends. I run at a respectable pace in heroics, but I stop to loot and punt gnomes … it’s not a gogoggogogo race.

So … here are details from the last two randoms I healed.

Recognize that place? Yeah … Halls of Fucking Stone. I hate tanking it … most of the healer friends I know hate healing it … I certainly cringed when I got it, especially since the trash mobs in the first hallway were down and there were skeletons on the floor.

The party was quick to tell me that the last healer had lagged out and dc’d, causing a wipe. Um yeah, ok. Well, they must have been telling the truth, because we really didn’t have too many issues. Sure, the DK had Fallen Crusader on both of his weapons, and he face-pulled one group unintentionally that caused the death of himself and the ret pally … but hey … compared to how I expected that dungeon to go, it was nothing. I did lose the ret pally on Krystallus, but I pulled some tricks out of my bag on Maiden (don’t stand in the  black holes!) and got complimented afterwards on my healing. The escort event was a breeze, and we all stood in Lightning Nova or whatever on Sjonnir … no deaths. I worked my butt off on that one … on all the fights, really … and you know what? That made it fun. If I want to stand around doing nothing … I’ll log on the priest and give everyone a shield and a renew, then sit back and whisper all my buddies.

Last night, I got Gundrak. Mage, lock, and uh … some melee class (a DK I think) … all 76-77 like me … and a level 74 pally tank with 13k health fully buffed. Bwuh? Well, my worry was for nothing, she knew how to tank. Even with the mage and lock spamming aoe, everything stuck to her (or to the felguard, I suppose he gets some of the credit). I did have to bop the lock once on the Colossus boss when he charged, but otherwise … it was a nice clean run. A couple of scary moments but nothing too bad.

I plan to spend some time leveling this weekend, and hopefully at least get to 79. I’m sure I’ll have more stories to tell on Monday.  See ya then and have a good weekend. 😀


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5 Responses to “Random Healing”

  1. Drazmor Says:

    I think I’m still in the quivering in my boots at the thought of queing as a healer stage. (At least with my holy pally.) My problem is, I’ve gotten my holy pally all geared up from drops I’ve gotten as ret, so he’s pretty well geared. (According to the dungeon finder, I can run heroic icecrown 5mans.) It’s just I never heal, so I’ve got the gear, but not the skills. The dungeon finder keeps putting me in higher up, harder to heal instances. With everyone else being 3kdps, geared out lvl 80s, I just can’t cope with it. Maybe with a bit more practice…

  2. repgrind Says:

    Try queueing up for random regulars instead of heroics. You still might get a fail tank, but you won’t get overgeared dps, and the mobs won’t be so tough. It’ll give you a chance to get used to your spells and abilities with less pressure.

  3. Lore Says:

    You wuss! Cant be scared to que up solo! Only way you learn is from mistakes. And most of the time, guildies wont point out mistakes. I love queing solo, because it makes me learn to adapt to different situations. Some are lightning fast (finishing AN in under 10min), and some are extremely slow (finishing OK in 40min)… Makes you learn how to conserve your mana, and heal appropriately, rather than just spam heals on everything. Remember, your the healer, the pace of the group balances on you. The tank can usually only pull so much without a healer.

  4. repgrind Says:

    Meh, I queue solo on the pally all the time. It’s the tanking I never did alone. Besides people always wanting to go faster than I’m comfortable tanking, there’s the added stereotype of being a DK tank … a lot of jerks out there won’t even give me a chance to show by example that I know wtf I am doing. Granted, I’m talking about back when I actually *needed* to do a random every day. I’ve gained a lot of confidence in my tanking since joining Apathy, and probably would have no issues with tanking for complete strangers now … although I’d still probably bail on HHoR. :p

  5. Gromdred Says:

    Now you’re ready to keep me alive 🙂

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