Tourney Realm Fun

Monday night there was no Classic Raid because of the Memorial Day holiday. So instead, I gathered up Fiaks and Lajos and we headed over to the Tourney Realm to get our 50 games in to qualify for the pet.

I had a warrior already created and talented/gemmed/enchanted/glyphed that Bell had helped me with. However, since Fiaks and I have been doing 2’s as tree/DK, I quickly put together a DK, figuring we might have a better time if I’m playing something I’m familiar with. Lajos had an afflock all ready to go, and though his real one is only level 60ish, he’d been practicing with this one.

Now, we kinda expected to do really bad. I mean, we’re going in there with no gear discrepancy so we’re relying on skill as our only advantage .. or disadvantage, as it may be. Our 2’s team is ranked 1260, so we have no delusions of greatness or anything like that. However, as it turned out, we were .. not too bad. We ended up going 19-31.

Two of the teams we beat had only two players. One of the teams was three naked tauren on sparkle ponies who didn’t even dismount. But that gives us 16 legitimate wins. We were happy with that.

This has nothing to do with the post but he hit 77 last night and he's hawt

Most memorable match? Resto druid/Afflock/Warrior. I believe in this case, me playing the DK instead of a warrior was key to our victory. It lasted 13 minutes … although it seemed more like an hour.  The arena was the Dalaran Sewers. Now, on the mage, I HATED that place. On a DK I’m like, yeah! Probably because on the mage I LoSed myself more than I LoSed the other team. So I chased the druid around and around, spamming chains, getting desecration down as much as possible, interrupting … he didn’t get many cyclones in, and he didn’t get to do much healing of his teammates either. Not that we were actually trying to kill his dps. We ran him out of mana, and then we ran him out of mana again (screw innervate) and eventually, finally, I stood over a dead cow. That was definitely our most satisfying victory.

While we were goofing around there, my guildies in Apathy were busy taking down Anub in ToGC10 for a guild first completion. Grats guys, awesome job~


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2 Responses to “Tourney Realm Fun”

  1. Lajos Says:

    Two’s team ranked 1260? How about your third being rated… um… a big zero? Thanks for not dwelling on how badly I sucked… and thanks to you and Fiak for being so patient with me!

  2. DarthRegis Says:

    Glad you had fun with the Arena. It can be pretty fun if you’re not taking yourself too seriously. I know I dabbled in 2’s and 3’s with some friends before the 3.2 patch, I think…

    Even when we got completely destroyed, it still managed to be a good laugh. Oddly enough, I managed to get a couple of wins and achievements.

    We also had the bestest team name, ever. “brb bio”

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