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One Last Thing Before I Go …

June 30, 2010

Ruby Sanctum opened last night.

It was … interesting. I’ve never gone into a place before right upon opening … with no one having done it before and no DBM to tell us when to move. The trash pwned us several times.

We got phase one down pretty quickly. So much fire!

Phase two though … we never got past. We did improve, going from everyone being wiped out by the death beam, to almost getting to phase three. It’s going to take some work though. I’m sure by the time I get back online Monday night, it will be old news and I’ll be behind. hehe. Oh well.

See ya next week! Have fun downing Halion while I’m gone. :p

/afk bbl

June 29, 2010

No, I’m not taking a permanent vacation from blogging like some people (looks at Trout). I’m not too busy to post or have run out of things to post about. (blows some dust off a blood elf over at clearcasting). I’m just going out of town for a few days. I may post some drivel from the Droid while I’m there, but since I will have zero computer access at Mom’s, it won’t be substantial. Not that anything posted here ever is. I’ll be back on Wednesday next week.

Speaking of people who haven’t posted much lately … I finally convinced Lajos to pass GM over to one of his other toons and come join the gang at Crits … along with his son, of course.  We celebrated first with a random. As we zone into Nexus  I say “oh good, a long one with lots of ledges for the mage to jump off of” … I think he spent half the instance trying to get back to us after falling off near Anomalous. hehe!

Then we took Lajos and Nick to Magister’s Terrace with us. We had to do it twice on regular because not everyone did the quest the first time through. (/bonk Coach) In the three runs we did, two pets dropped. Guess who won them? Dang noobs.  :p

Let’s see, what else have I done recently … Kaif and Kerick arranged a full clear of ToC for the weekly on Saturday. We were both wanting a shield off Anub’arak. He dropped both of them. o.O

Kerick finished off all of the holiday achievements on Sunday. I took the juggling torches to a back corner of the hallway of the Alliance inn and faced the corner … one try, bam! Achievement done. Why was it so much easier than the other night on Karius? Beats me. Now they have some addon out that will even do it for you. I kinda liked my Hartbane method though.

Kerick got the pet from Ahune. OMG it is so cool. It throws snowballs at people .. and even at minions. I was sitting in Grom’s favorite spot on the Eventide Bank stairs the other day, and it threw a snowball at Gatekeeper’s imp. hehe! Awesome.

I duno, do I have anything else to say? I’m just kinda rambling from thing to thing because .. well, that’s the way I’ve been playing this week. I’ve done Outland dungeons and even a WSG on Sanbec. I did UK on Ragle, and got 2/3 of the way through the place before I remembered to put up VE. (fail) I ran two or three alts, friends from both guilds, through ZF a couple times. I did VoA on Kerick, OS3D on Karius, tanked ICC on Kaly … and multitudes of Ahunes and randoms. Heck, I even did Deadmines on my bank alt!

Tonight is going to be more of the same, nothing planned, nothing scheduled, just grab some friends and run some stuff. I’m kinda enjoying that freedom. Tomorrow I took the day off to pack and do all the last minute crap that I procrastinated before going halfway across the country for the weekend … which means I’ll probably spend most of the day in-game. I know at least two friends who will be online during the day as well … maybe three … so …. yeah. Anywho … have fun and I’ll see y’all here next week. 😀

A Long, Strange Trip Indeed

June 25, 2010

So, a full year of holiday achievements has come to its end … for Karius at least. It’s kind of fun to look back and see where I was last year during the Fire Festival. Like, for instance, Kalyon getting Flame Warden at level 61 .. except he was a female Draenei named Katia then. What was Karius doing a year ago? Yeah … he was level 11 and soloing Hogger.  He still carries the Huge Gnoll Claw in his bags. xD

So last night, after Kerick’s ICC run (Lockjaw wewt!), Karius finished up the Outland flames. I had my finger all ready over the screenshot button when the final achievements popped up … and didn’t get Flame Warden or the meta. Uhh .. wut??? Oh. I hadn’t done the torch juggling yet. Ok, no problem, teleport to Dal and let’s do this.

Seriously, was it that hard last year? Now that I think about it, I seem to recall pulling my hair out over it, but none of my posts indicate it being this  bad. I tried all the tricks I’ve heard about … going out to one of the floaty islands, turning off all my addons … and the closest I could get was 37 torches. I was ready to throw my keyboard out the window. (I live on the third floor, it would not have survived.) 

Just about the time I start posting lines of AGowehg1[opgu9qwieljq9pgh in guild chat, Hart comes online. Well, he had a solution to make sure it got done. (Note: Do NOT try this yourself unless you REALLY trust the other person.) I logged out, called him on the phone, and gave him the account info and the authenticator code. So yeah .. there’s no achievement spam screenshot because Hartbane did it. /blame Hart  … but there are pics of the mount, for sure!

After we finished that, Belldren ninja’d us to finish up the last two instances he needed to get Glory of the Hero. We grabbed a couple more paladins from the guild … and then Hart went afk, so Bell kicked him and we pugged a healer for UP from the dungeon finder…and got another pally. Haha!  The Skadi achievements out of the way, we picked Hart back up and went to Oculus. Bell needed to ride an Emerald and get Ruby Void, so the rest of us all got Ambers and took turns with the time stop. No problem. So of course, we had to have a proto-drake party at Krasus’ Landing before bed. 😉

This weekend it is Kerick’s turn to do all the flames. Kaly will get his proto at Brewfest because I was lazy and didn’t finish all of the achievements for that last year on him. Oops.

Oh, and one more thing … Hart, you rock! Thanks again. *hugs*

Patch Day Leads to SAN

June 23, 2010

A patch right after the Midsummel Fire Festival starts? Seriously Blizz, WTF are you thinking??  With the death of Karius’ ICC group, I had last night completely free to work on his holiday achievements … the final holiday he needs for the meta. I have raids the next three nights, so it was the one night that I knew I could make a huge dent in the list of flames to visit. I got zero of them done thanks to the server being down until very late. RAWR!

So, what do you do when you can’t get on your server? I knew before I left work that the maintenance was extended, and I had some shopping to do anyway (like, my dog would have gone hungry this morning if I didn’t go buy dog food) so I blew some time doing errands, getting a chocolate shake, and cruising Hertel. Get home and it’s extended some more.

Hm…maybe I’ll play Wizard101…grawr, it needs to be patched … wait, wait, wait … by the time the patch is done I’ve decided I don’t want to play it. Well, I’ve been meaning to check out DDO … start the download … estimated time, 2 hours 51 minutes …. le sigh. Play some Slingo, play some Racing Breed, watch some anime … FINALLY, well after 8pm, it will let me log in. Except, my server isn’t up. Try to log onto another server  I have toons on, and it won’t open the character select screen. Make a toon on some other server, it’s so crowded with naked level 1’s that I don’t even bother trying to do anything, and log back out.

Hm … Argent Dawn is up, isn’t there where the blogger guild is? I have two toons there … belf priest, tauren hunter … but the guild is Alliance. Well, golly darn, I’ll just have to make a new toon. Human paladin, go! Crap, all my names are taken. So I go to my standard naming method … roll the random name generator, and replace the first letter of a name that I like with a ‘K’. It still takes forever, with almost every name saying it is unavailable. Then one comes up … Klin. I’m like, yeah there’s no way this will work but it would be HILARIOUS. Oh crap, it worked. Do I delete and try again? Hellz no, if anyone mistakes me for Klinderas well … there are worse people to be confused with. And if he ever decides to play there and wants the name, it’s totally his.

So I do a /who abstract and check the list that comes up. I recognize Hairygiblets from a recent post over at LFM, so I whisper him and ask if this is the home of the blogger guild. BAM, just like that I’m in the guild. I immediately put my blog address in my guild note, hoping that will help people know who I am and not think I’m Klinderas. Then I take a look around and see who is who.

I have a whisper conversation with Giblets and discover that yes, he is indeed the same person I was guildmates with in Ashes of Tirisfal way back when. Krizzlybear is there on his shaman. Askevar is there leveling her DK. Cynwise stops in, too. Divergent and Consolidate from the aforementioned LFM come on and get their BWL continuation up and running. There were a ton of other people on, too, probably some that I’m forgetting but recognized. I got up to level 5 while chatting and just generally having a good time.  By the time I logged out of there and wandered over to the now-online Winterhoof, it was almost 11pm. haha.

Will I spend a lot of time there? Probably not. I have three 80’s and a very busy raid schedule where I’m at. Will I drop in to chat and hang out once in awhile? I intend to, but I won’t make any promises. Heck, I sent a level 80 DK to Arioch‘s server to visit, and made a DK over on Sam‘s server to hang out, and … yeah, see, it’s been so long since I logged in that my DK isn’t even in the guild anymore. Hehe. Oops. >.<  So … no guarantees, but I had a good time goofing around while I was there.