Holy Ramblings

I don’t have a whole lot to talk about, and I’m running out of things to screenshot. But, here is an update on what’s been going on.

Kerick is up to level 76 (more than halfway to 77 actually) and has been to UK, Nexus, AZN, Old Kingdom, Drak’Tharon, and Gundrak. Now, they weren’t all completely random. You’ve read about the UK trips in my previous posts. There was one more after that … they were on the second boss when I joined the party. We could absolutely not kill them. The dps was horrible, and the tank and I couldn’t handle them on our own. So that one broke up and I queued up again as dps only. I got Nexus. Hooray, I can do the quests without worrying about healing.

Go through the ice room and the Grand Magus no problem, then the tank has to go afk for a crying baby or something. Fifteen minutes later, the vote to kick passes and we get a new tank.  This one embodied all the bad stereotypes of DK tanks. On the second platform with the chaotic rift and the dragonkin, he completely ignored the rift and … well, I don’t know, somehow he managed to lose control of a dragonkin, who promptly took out the lock and hunter and then while the priest was trying to stay away from it, the other one killed the tank. I managed to kill them with some  great heals from the priest, and then we started rezzing. DK gets rezzed and … jumps off the side of the platform to his death. He can’t be rezzed from there so he has to run back in … and instead of running the way that we had cleared, he runs THROUGH mobs and dies again. He tries to get us to get close enough to rez him and somehow we finally convince him that he has to run back again. He runs through them again … somehow this time he makes it past them and resets them. We kill Anomalous .. and then he announces that he has to leave after the next pull. We have some choice words for him after that, then he runs into the tree area, pulls a bunch of mobs, runs to us, and drops group, wiping us. So that was the end of that group. Too bad, too, the other dps and the healer were all from the same guild and were quite nice. I got Grom to tank it for me later that day, so I still got it done … and healing it wasn’t too bad since I didn’t have to worry about actually healing the tank. *sigh*

AZN I already wrote about. Old Kingdom went quite well, although we skipped Jedoga so I didn’t get the achievement for it. boo. Drak’Tharon I had Kaif tanking for me, and Gundrak I had Jerico along to tricks the crappy protadin so all I had to heal was the tank since he couldn’t lose aggro. So all in all, it’s going well. I got drug along to regular ToC at 75 (as ret) … lol … so I already have a Black Heart in the bank and no prot spec. >.<


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