Phone post!

What happens when the servers are located in an attic with a boarded up window where the a/c is supposed to be and it’s 90F out? Yeah, melted router equals no internet. So… get a post typed on my Droid.

Karius finally got to down rotface last night. It took a few tries….the raid lead actually called the raid before the final try, but we knew we were close, so the 22 of us were eating fish in front of his room and told the rl to get up here, we are going one more time. LOL. And yes, we only had 23 people so we didn’t get fester. Wtb raiders who actually want to show up and raid.

Afterwards I hopped on kerick, trained, then queued up. I got azn. Now, azn sucks on a priest. On the pally? You know what, I’m not even sure how much health the bear had. We just went in, killed stuff, and collected our badges. I even healed the rogue. So easy. I’m still dreading my first time in nexus though. Maybe tonight…..

One Response to “Phone post!”

  1. Gromdred Says:

    Mmmm… Server melt… Yum! Personally, i think you did just fine in nexus. Better than i did in fact šŸ™‚

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