Forging Shadow’s Edge

Now, I understand. I had thought that this post from Blame Squelchy was just an excellent piece of RP/humor. But it actually is true that the Lich King whispers the person who wields Shadow’s Edge.  At the time of that post and my initial comment, it was only wishful thinking that I might have one of my own someday.  After all, my mage is my main, and getting Rotface down in 25 man seemed like an impossibility. Ok, fine, truth be told, my mage STILL hasn’t downed him. But that’s a rant for another day.

A month or so back, Karius was running in a joint 25 man with Crits. When Apathy and Crits simultaneously decided to start doing guild-only runs, Kalyon was offered a spot in the Crits run. The run had a couple of other unholy DKs in it, so after the first week, I switched back to DW frost. This was shortly after the latest patch and all of its yummy frost buffs. I did some regemming and tweaking with advice from one of the fantastic players there (hi Fyuria!), and got some upgrades and achievements, and was soon neck and neck with the top unholy DK and holding my own against the uber pally.

I passed on rolling on the blood for the quest most of the time, figuring  there were others who needed it more, especially since I was DW anyway. I did roll once and said ‘pass it to the pally’ but Cael had already given it to me anyway. As it turned out, it was the last item the pally needed to finish the quest. I put in a ticket, the item was passed on, he got his axe. All this time though, it was in the back of my mind. Karius had been buying a saronite every now and again, and I had stocked up over 200 frosties on both characters.

The week after the ‘Fester’s blood to the pally’ story, there was no one else who wanted or needed Rotface’s blood. Ok, fine, now I really DO have one part of the equation. All during the week after that, I added up what I had and what I needed to get, and determined that yes, if I got Fester’s blood the next time we faced him, I would have enough. So I rolled ….

With both blood in my bag, I made my way to Frostmourne Cavern in Dragonblight to recover Arthas’ discarded hammer. Of course, he had to show up and try to prevent this. Yo, if you wanted it so bad, why did you leave it lying there?

And then, like usual, he’s all talk, leaving his lackey and a pile of ghouls to do the work for him. Ok, fine, so his lackey is no pushover, being an 81 elite with 156k health. Go go tank spec. But still …

The ghouls do not stop spawning. The only way to get rid of them, is to fight your way to the hammer. Don’t stop to fight though … just bulldoze your way to the hammer, drop your AoE, and go to town. As soon as you have enough cleared to click on the hammer, do it. The hammer will rise up, and the Light … the Light will shoot out from it in Holy vengeance, destroying the remaining ghouls as well as the vargul lackey before coming to rest where the vargul once stood.

Wait! Not so fast. Make sure you are healed up and have all your good stuff off coodown before you click. In fact, as soon as you click, pop army. That elite with 156k health is gonna crawl back out of the ground. If you’ve gotten this far, you’re obviously geared enough to down Fester and Rot in 25 man, so he’s totally soloable if you are smart and use your cooldowns.

Beat him … and your prize awaits you.

Just don’t spend too long drinking and taking screenshots before picking it up, or it will disappear and you will have to do the whole thing over, right from the beginning where Arthas first appears … not that I did that or anything. >.>

With all three reagents in hand, plus the 25 primordial saronite that I collected from my mailbox, I then begged a guildie for a few minutes of raid grouping and flew back to Icecrown Citadel. The first step is to feed the items to the forge.

Then you talk to Mograine and he exults in the forging of the weapon, but also warns you of its potency and the consequences should you fail.

The quest you receive after claiming the axe is to reap 1000 souls of the Lich King’s minions in ICC. I’d forgotten about Squelchy’s post when I went into ICC on Sunday evening. I tanked the lower spire, then we shuffled a couple of raid members around and I swapped to DPS  after Saurfang. The first val’kyr went down, the first soul fed my axe, and … the Lich King himself whispered me! Half the raid laughed at me when I expressed this in raid chat. hehe. I’m looking foward to the 900+ souls still to go.

Will I ever get far enough to wield Shadowmourne? Highly doubtful … although I thought the same thing about Shadow’s Edge, so who knows.


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One Response to “Forging Shadow’s Edge”

  1. Gromdred Says:

    Someday… After nobody else wants it anymore… It might be mine :). Muwahahahaaa!

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