The Bird is The Word

This weekend’s big rep grind was … Skyguard! Hart and I hooked up with Sais and ran around Skettis, killing birdmen for dust and scrolls so we could summon the mini-bosses to get the items to summon Terokk himself.

THREE TIMES in a row, he dropped the Time-Lost Figurine. So later on, after we’d moved over to Nagrand to grind some more ogres, Hart and I decided to have a little fun with them.

Dance party!

Birds of a feather and all that … ok, I’m done with the silly cliches now. :p


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4 Responses to “The Bird is The Word”

  1. Gromdred Says:

    Damn! I cant tell you how many times ive done that and its never dropped >.<

  2. Kaif01 Says:

    You should do that quest line to get full relentless with all wrathful off pieces and see how you look while dancing in it. I hear the quest is pretty easy – just pwn face on a few thousand horde.

    Yeah, that would be cool!

    (Picked up my relentless robe today on Fiaks and found out that Fiaked only needs 2 more winning bgs for his relentless. I need to get going!)

  3. repgrind Says:


  4. Flying High « Reputation Grind Says:

    […] started this grind once before on Karius, back in the days when I could almost always be found hanging out with Hartbane.  (Good […]

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