Two’s Company

So, Kaly can carry around two passengers on his new mammoth eh? Karius wasn’t about to be upstaged by the DK, so he went out and got his own multi-passenger ride last night.

He put his assistant on the job as soon as he logged on, having her first whisper Selv to ensure that it could be done, and then purchase two Arctic Furs on the AH, which she then sent to him along with all but 1k of her gold. Ragle sent him 40 cobalt bolts. And Kaly … poor, unsuspecting Kaly … smelted him a dozen titansteel bars (yes, with mats I had on hand … have I mentioned before that I’m a packrat?) … and sent those to him along with all but 1k of HIS gold.

Mats in hand, I whispered Selv and headed over to K3, but alas … the parts vendor was sold out. So Selv had Cael invite me to their raid group and we went riding around in his bike … he even tried to kill me! That didn’t quite work out the way he planned though.

We drove clear into the middle of Zul’Drak, then flew back to K3 because it was getting close to time for their raid to start. We stood around there a few more minutes, checking the vendor a couple times, and then the parts were there! Time to trade over the mats and money.

Parts puchased, it was over to the anvil to pound them into place.

And then to hand over the key. (Why yes, I *do* take too many screenshots. Why do you ask?)

And of course the obligatory Achievement popping screenshot.

And then it was MY turn to take SELV for a ride. I didn’t try to kill him though. 😛

We both went to our respective raids, and then after my raid finished I saw Trout log on to his druid, so I invited him to group and flew out to the tourney grounds to give him a ride. Boomkin are so hilarious!!

And of course, I finished off the night by being an elitist jerk and parking my expensive new toy right in front of the bank where everyone could see it. hehe


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