Redeeming A Soul

I finished off the Noblegarden holiday by getting the title for my paladin. The Noble just seems like a perfect title for the type of character paladins are supposed to be.

Once that was finished, I decided to continue on with a class-specific questline that I had already started on…..the quest to obtain the epic charger mount. Yes, I know you don’t have to do it to get the mount anymore .. heck, I’ve been riding mine for 22 levels already (at the time of doing the quest anyway). But if Cataclysm changes things, this may be the only time I get to do it before it is changed or even removed. Plus, I won’t lie …I wanted the achievement. =P

So I did as much as I could on my own, then discovered that I needed to go BACK into Stratholme and collect 5 more Stratholme Holy Water. (I had gotten some for a previous unassociated quest already.) Well, I went in there on Karius and discovered that, doh, the water is BoP. So much for that idea! So I enlisted the help of Gromdred late one night when we were both bored. I got the naked bug when we zoned in. Hehe.

It certainly didn’t take long for a pair of paladins to wreak havoc on the undead denizens of Stratholme. Soon we were on our way back to Stormwind to get the next phase of the quest. This quest had two parts. The first part required the purchase of special horse feed from the horse breeder in Southshore. Of course, she required special ingredients sold only by the Argent Dawn, so  I had to fly over to Chillwind Camp and back. Did I mention that this questline involves a lot of running around? We took a break in Southshore.

And then we headed off to Dire Maul. Unfortunately, neither one of us had the Crescent Key, so first we had to go into Dire Maul East and chase that little imp around. Then it was into DM West to kill the tree dude. What we *didn’t* know was that if we killed him without clearing all the trash in the first room, the trash would all come running after he was dead. Oops! Have I mentioned yet how much I LOVE Divine Storm?

Once the evil trees were all dead, I chased around the Ancient Equine Spirit until it stood still long enough and in a clear enough spot to get screenshots.

Back to Stormwind once again, where the next and final quest would send me to Scholomance. Grom had the key, but it was 2am so we decided to save that for another day.

Ok, so ‘another day’ was actually the next day. I guess we were both anxious to get it done. Daermonith hopped on board to go with us, because three paladins is infinitely better than two, right?

So we fought our way to the basement ossuary of Scholomance, where I set out the scryer.

The scryer summoned wave after wave of ghosts, spirits, and wraiths … basically all kinds of stuff that should shiver in fright at the sight of three paladins.

After killing so many waves of those that Daer was ready to take a nap, this Death Knight was summoned.

Once he was defeated, I took the downed charger’s soul and redeemed it.

The text is so epic. Yes, maybe it’s a bit cliche and melodramatic, but I don’t care. It made me love my horse that I’ve already had for 22 levels that much more. Oops, make that 23 … you can see here that I dinged 63 AND hit revered with the Argent Dawn upon turning in the prequest.

And here I am receiving my achievement.

Overloaded with screenshots yet? No? Good! You gotta have something to do while you’re in queue to buy a Celestial Steed, right?

We went ahead and finished the rest of Scholomance, since we had a couple of quests to do there. Daer had a lot of fun gathering up as many zombies as he could and then laying them out all nice and neat. Then he layed down to play hide and seek in them.

I’ve always liked the design of the liches. This one I got just before he dissipated into a little ball.

Afterwards we did a couple of other quests, like finishing up the Barov line so we  could get our cool trinkets.  Then Grom followed me around while I did the questline to get the Skeleton Key that grants access to Scholomance, because nothing makes more sense than to acquire a key for an instance that you have already finished and will likely never do again. =P

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3 Responses to “Redeeming A Soul”

  1. Gromdred Says:

    “grom follwed me around”. *woof*. Somehow you make that sound so bad… How about “with grom as a bodyguard”? That sounds better 🙂

  2. repgrind Says:

    hehe. Good point.

  3. Titles | Reputation Grind Says:

    […] has worn the Noble since he got it back when he was level 61. It’s just a perfect fit for him. It embodies everything that he, […]

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