Grinding Honor Hold Rep

I forget what I was doing on Friday night, but I do remember mentioning to Hart that I had alllll day Saturday to grind rep with him. Oh, yeah, I was in ICC-25. Anyway, he didn’t forget, so Saturday morning as soon as I logged on he was ready to go. He chose Honor Hold for the main grind of the day. So, we flew out to Hellfire Peninsula.

310% flying speed mount + Crusader Aura = sick

Elger was online and I knew that he was very close to hitting exalted, so I whispered him and was like ‘dude, you can do your taxes later! Come play with us!!” So of course, he did. We started off with Ramps …

That wasn’t quite enough though, so we moved on to Shattered Halls. Yes, I know Blood Furnace comes after Ramps, but Hart was still saved from the night before, so he was waiting on his lockout to reset. Somewhere in here Elgar hit exalted.

So then Elgar had to take off,  but we convinced Gromdred to come along with us for more. (Not like that was too difficult a task.) So we talked him into tanking and Hart went back to healing, and we headed into Blood Furnace since Hart’s lockout had expired.

After that we had to take a break and go kill a couple of dragons. Grom finally got his drake off Sarth3D (Yay!!!!) I think Cataclysm will get here before I have one.

From there it was on to Caverns of Time to work on Keepers of Time rep. Yeah, I was still neutral with them. Blah. So we hooked up with Froggiee and went to run Durnholde on regular.

I absolutely love the scenery in Hillsbrad. It was one of my favorite places to level as Horde. (on a PvE server, obviously)

Look who I found inside the barn at Tarren Mill!

That’s pretty much it. Later on we went to Nagrand and grinded on some ogres, and then Hart and I went back to Blood Furnace by ourselves so I could finish the quests I had there and he could finally hit exalted. Good times.


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One Response to “Grinding Honor Hold Rep”

  1. repgrind Says:

    Screw you, I’m not fixing it. I’m calling you Elger from now on … it can be kinda like Elone.

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