Remember a week ago, when my priest acquired The Eye of Divinity out of Molten Core? I had checked the AH every day since then for The Eye of Shadow, and yesterday morning it was there.  My bank alt wasted no time in plunking down the 74g and shipping it off to Rags.

Once he’d collected the Eye from his mailbox, it was off to Light’s Hope for the ride over to Stratholme.

At the main entrance to Stratholme, I took a left into the wilderness and looped around the side of the city’s ruins, coming upon this cave.

I passed through the cave and proceeded to the hilltop upon which the questgiver is supposed to stand. Wait … where is she?

Perhaps if I put the Eye of Divinity in one of my trinket slots … aha! There she is.

I approached her and initiated conversation. I did screenshot every single page for my archives, but am only going to post the actual quest text here.

As for the actual quest … the peasants come out in waves. The diseased ones have an aura and also are tagged as plagued, so they are pretty easy to pick out.  Simply cleanse them, and shield/heal any others that are low on health.

Because of changes that have been made since Vanilla,  the quest is presumably much easier than it used to be. I went in expecting to have to try it more than once, but with the ability to shield them, and having my PW:Shield glyphed to also heal when it’s applied, it was cake.

Here we have the somewhat bewildered priest going ‘what? that’s it?!’

After turning in the quest, I had to go back to  the other end of the cave before it put me out of combat. I swapped my trinket back in, screenshotted the three quest items in my bag, and then clicked on the Shard of Nordrassil to create my staff.

(Ugh, my action bars are off center, aren’t they)

And here is the completed staff.

And of course, I had to click it to see what Anathema looked like on me as well.

If you have a priest and  can get into Molten Core to get the Eye of Divinity, I definitely recommend doing the quest.  Who knows whether it will exist come Cataclysm, especially since the Plaguelands are rumored to be undergoing extensive changes.

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3 Responses to “Benediction”

  1. Lajos Says:

    Gratz!!! Awesome stuff!

  2. Gromdred Says:

    Very, very cool!!

  3. Alt Week: Priest | Reputation Grind Says:

    […] And he also did one thing no other priest will be able to do again … he got his Benediction/Anathema. […]

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