Springtime in Silithus

…looks just like any other time in Silithus. lol.

Classic Raid Night, AQ40. Time to collect some more bugs. A lot of us already had at least one. Here we are lining up before the gauntlet.

Awwww, lookit the cute little gnomey death knight … /tickle Grom

I tried to get some good action shots, but none of them turned out very well. Heck, just getting everyone standing still before we entered C’Thun’s room was hard enough. Apparently I was ignoring a ready check while alt-z’d out to get this one.

Well, unlike the last time we did AQ40, this time I actually lived to see C’Thun’s room and get some most excellent screenshots.

Sorry Ith, those are NOT Jesus beams … apparently those eye beams or something took out half the raid as soon as we went in.

That is one ugly … whatever he is. Or was. He’s dead now … at least until the next time we come to beat up on him.

Hart logged on after we were done, and Grom switched over to his pally, and we spent some quality time slaughtering Twilight Cultists for Cenarion Circle rep. Karius looks pretty hawt in his Twilight Armor, doesn’t he?

Hart did some kind of quest to get a necklace to summon bosses from the stones, and this was the biggest one.

Grom and I were apparently so awed by Hart’s performance that we just sat there and watched. Actually, I think I was still on autofollow. LMAO.

I ended about 3600 rep into Honored. Hart’s got me to honored with about six different factions now I think. Someday I need to actually get off my butt and finish a few of them off.


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