The Eye of Divinity

I logged on yesterday evening after a day of work and a nap, planning to get started on the Noblegarden egg collecting since I have two toons to do it on and have to work and raid all week through. Well, you can probably guess what happened next.  I know, I know, I get told all the time “well, you can always say NO to a raid invite” but …

Dyo whispers me as soon as I log in, looking for people to run ToC25. Hm, well, Kaly *does* still need Death’s Verdict … and it dropped, too. The DK with berserking on her claymore who joined the raid just before twins won it. le sigh. So after several close-up face-down inspections of Anub’s floor, I logged over to Karius, got something to eat, and headed to Azure Watch.

Before I even stake out an egg spawn to camp, I get another whisper from Dyo, ‘did you get the invite?’, and a blind raid invite from a pally tank that I’ve pugged with before. A minute later, I’m standing in Onyxia’s Lair with 24 other people. Well hey, at least I got ninja’d into a full group that was ready to pull the adds, and I AM jealous of Hart’s Ony mount. After the first try they’re like ‘we got this, we’ve got Karius’ … newsflash! 10k dps from one person is not enough to take down Ony when you have whelps all over the cave taking out healers.

So anyway, after a few inspections of Ony’s floor, I teleported to Darnassus and rode to Dolanaar. It was much more crowded there, however, so I soon found myself teleporting back over to Exodar and heading to Azure Watch, where I did manage to stake out a good spot and was up to a dozen or so eggs before the chat in vent got interesting.  Eh? Whassat?? Y’all are in Molten Core??? Hmm….

Now, earlier in the week, Dawn Moore wrote about obtaining Benediction in her column Spiritual Guidance. Frostheim followed up with his Scattered Shots article on obtaining the epic bow Rhok’delar, since the quest item drops off the same boss in Molten Core and you are guaranteed to get one or the other. Apparently, my guildies also read hehe. Soo ..  I hopped on Ragle and headed for Blackrock.

One slight hitch in the plans, however .. I wasn’t attuned to the Core. Merdrice joined the group and flew out there with me, and wasn’t attuned either, so the two of us got the quest and headed into Blackrock Depths together. Fortunately, I DO have a Shadowforge key, so we were able to muddle around in there and find our way to the entrance. We had an awesome time killing stuff along the way. Once we had our core fragment, we got naked and jumped in the lava. (Curses! I can’t believe I missed getting a screenshot of me and Merd naked. What was I thinking??) Turned in our quest, rezzed, and had the elf teleport us to the Core. Awesomesauce! We’re in! Josh, Terra, and Talsonis (2 hunters and a shammy) were waiting for us not too far inside. They’d killed some bosses with Arthorious tanking before he had to leave, but were just clearing trash now while they waited for Merd and I to catch up.

Once we were all there, we ran around finishing the other bosses that were left. Ret tank ftw! I kept PoM on Merd and shields on everyone and … yeah. I had plenty of time to take screenshots and I didn’t. I’m still too worried that someone’s health bar is gonna  break if I take my eyes off of it. lol!

Before the Majordomo Executus fight, they’re talking about strategy, killing the healers one at a time, etc … halfway through the fight someone pipes up “and apparently AoE works too” as they volley the crap out of everything. ROFL! Open the chest and viola! One Eye of Divinity. Of course, while I’m rolling need, I’m also promising the hunters that I will come back and help both of them get their item. We had so much fun, I’m definitely looking forward to it.

Well, we decided we should at least kill Ragnaros while we were there. So we headed back over to his spot. He’s always so dramatic!

So I think all of us but one person got the achievement for Molten Core. Good times. Now to farm up the Eye of Shadow …


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3 Responses to “The Eye of Divinity”

  1. Calli Says:

    Big gratz, you’re not a proper Priest until you’ve done the quest and got your Benediction. 😉

  2. repgrind Says:

    Well, I haven’t actually *done* the quest, yet … but I will as soon as I get my hands on the other piece. If one doesn’t show up on the AH soon … well, Karius is still repairing Everlook rep and working on Timbermaw and Frostsaber rep, so he has plenty of excuses to spend time in Winterspring.

  3. Benediction « Reputation Grind Says:

    […] By repgrind Remember a week ago, when my priest acquired The Eye of Divinity out of Molten Core? I had checked the AH every day […]

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