Her Bark is Worse Than Her Bite

Following on the heels of Wednesday’s first kill of Putricide, we headed back in yesterday afternoon, although we had a few changes to our raid team. Two of the members who came the other night had family committments this weekend, so two of our regular members who weren’t able to come Wednesday night, happened to be available yesterday.

Dreamwalker is practically a loot pinata now, especially with a holy pally. Of course, Hart had to be disappointed this week when he *only* did 17k hps instead of his usual 18k.

Blood Princes took an extra try, since one person hadn’t really done the fight before and we had a couple other people fulfilling different roles than normal, but we had our crack hunter team in place for those kinetic bombs and really, it’s a pretty easy fight once everyone knows their jobs. We got the Orb Whisperer achievement, also.

Blood Queen didn’t take nearly as long as Putricide to figure out. We had some problems with the biting someone else. But once that was down, it was a matter of fine-tuning … like hitting heroism once four people had the buff. Next time, it won’t take us six or eight tries like it did this week.

With her out of the way, the only one standing (or flying) between us and the Lich King is Sindragosa. We made four or five attempts on her as well. Our attempts were MUCH better than the one other time we tried her. We have the dps (and tanking and hps), it’s just a matter of getting the mechanics down. Oh, and Unchained Magic is #$^%&#. We did get her down to phase 3 on our best attempt though. Her days are numbered.

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One Response to “Her Bark is Worse Than Her Bite”

  1. Gromdred Says:

    Arthas! We’re coming for you!!!

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