Good News, Everyone!

The Slime Stopped Flowing!

Monday night, we were discussing the fact that a healer, tank, and dps were not going to be able to make our regular ICC 10-man group. We had just gotten done with a guild meeting, so there were lots of people on vent. One of those people happened to be one of the other raid leaders, who piped right up, “Let me know what you need and we’ll get it filled.” True to his word, last night rolled around and we had a warrior, priest, and lock. Thanks again to Alter, Dan, and Josh for stepping in, you guys are awesome!

How to Tell if Your Raid is Going to be Successful

Scheduled Raid Time = 7:00pm

Actual Time of First Pull = 6:51pm … with everyone present, buffed, and prepared.

Number of AFKs = Zero

Official breaks = one 3 minute break after about 3 hours of raiding

We bulldozed our way through the Lower Spire. Festergut was SO much of a challenge, that we killed him with a minute and a half left on the enrage timer .. WITHOUT using heroism. Ya, ok, so we wiped once on Rotface. Meh, whatever. By a few minutes past 8, we’ve got 6 bosses down and are looking at 3 more hours to kill stuff.

Now, normally, we would go on to either Dreamwalker or Blood Princes, since we have been downing them. But, missing our holy pally and one of our regular tanks, and having people in the group who had downed the Professor on other toons and knew the fight, we decided to give that a go instead.

Our first try was something around 74% … nothing to write home about except for the fact that the one other time our group had tried him, I think 90% was about as good as we got. A couple of tries later, we got him down around 19%. Definite progress!

Fast forward three hours … yes. We wiped on him over and over and over … sometimes to bad luck, sometimes to silly mistakes. Even on the close tries (like the couple where we had him below 400k) we were nowhere near the enrage timer, so we knew that DPS wasn’t an issue. The trick was getting phase three to begin with NO unstable experiments out and either no slime puddles or one very small one left on the floor. Finally, four and a half hours after the raid started (11:30pm server time), we got the timing right.

I’m so proud of our team! Everyone was so focused and so determined to get this guy down. No one even once looked at the clock and fretted about going past the normally scheduled raid time. Heck, we even briefly considered taking down that Val’kyr chick for the extra badge. LOL! Everyone was still so pumped.

You know, it’s no secret that I was a pretty casual player last year at this time. I still love my mounts and pets and achievements. Heck, you can see the reputation bar at the top of my screenshot there, from working on Kurenai rep for Talbuk mounts. But there is nothing in this game that I’ve come across that can equal the feeling when your raid team is ‘on’ and you all work together and get a new boss down. Thanks guys, all of you.

I now return you to the April Fools crap that everyone else is spewing across the web. 😛


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